The Spirit is the Cosmic All-Power

by Malcolm L. Landry



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Language : English
Publication Date : 4/22/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 136
ISBN : 9781412025843

About the Book

Spirit Is The Cosmic All - Power has been purposefully written to complement, interpret, simplify, illuminate, and most of all validate the most intimate experiences (particularly the intuitive ones) we are having (and cannot talk about for various reasons) in every one of our living moments. It is true our Divine Parent, the Divine Parent of our spirit, is always and continuously related and/or directly connected with us so intimately as to be no different as the connection a baby has with its mother when that baby is in the mother's womb. This relationship is immutable (unchangeable) and it is real (immutable reality). We are currently (and have ever been) in direct communication with this reality, as it has been informing us every since we have been alive.

Upon our realization that the human spirit is human life and is divine, we will understand that we do not need to earn the right to live. These words shall be understood not as a statement of economic heresy, but one of liberation and truth. Once the people of this world understand this fact, survival will crumble and an unending abundance will flourish in its place.

Spirit Is The Cosmic All - Power is a story in poetry. It is the human story of a lost and forgotten spiritual legacy and heritage written exclusively in an original metered rhyme. The book has been rendered in a poetic verse designed specifically to appeal to two basic attitudes of human reason: Insight and Justice.

It is a poetic rendition that topically and subjectively delves into our current orientation to life. It elaborates upon the realities of apprehending life correctly and also aims to reorient us out of the disorientation that has been our past and may presently be our confused state or way of living.

Poetically, the book is designed to generate in us a revelation by delivering insight about the reality of our identity as the Spirit and our connectedness to the Cosmic All. A restitution of our spiritual legacy and heritage is initiated by clarifying the means to access justice by being free of injustices.

The material contained within this book prompts the memory and encourages a shift in perspective and perception. The idea is to stimulate us with the inspiration to be who we have forgotten we are.

Since the pursuit of this project (or mission) of "The Spirit Is The Cosmic All - Power", I have been predisposed to delivering this "revelation of Spirit" as a threefold message. The poetic purpose here is to deliver a message about the universal Spirit, namely we are it. The poetic principal (reason) behind this book is to deliver a message about spiritual objectives, namely our Soul is "for" ever. The poetic plan is for readers to re-member and to re-understand a message about a new beginning for "the becoming" because "The Bodies Are Here". "The Spirit Is The Cosmic All - Power", "The Soul Is 'For' Ever" and "The Bodies Are Here" lists some of the titles that are associated with the next nine books in which it is hoped that a complete delivery shall be accomplished with the message for which I have undertaken to be responsible.

About the Author

Malcolm L. Landry has been a "relatively unknown" poetic writer for 50 years. Since the turn of the millennium, Mr. Landry's work has been printed on and in two books published by the International Society Of Poets, which society also awarded him certificates of recognition. The Author may be contacted via e-mail at or by writing to: Malcolm L. Landry, 352 Lake Street #214, Reno, NV 89501 Please include your telephone number in all correspondences.
http://malcolm217.tripod. com/index.html

More about Malcolm L. Landry

Excerpt from an article by Malcolm L. Landry that appeared in"Creative Thought Magazine's" May 2004 issue.

I wrote The Spirit Is The Cosmic All Power with the hope that all who read it will be profoundly impacted by its contents and their perspective on life altered so dramatically as to bring about a deeply significant, if not total, change in the way they perceive what living is all about for the rest of their lives. By and large, we who inhabit this world are not actively aware, at least not consciously, of our connection with the One who made it. It is like we are walking around here not knowing how we got here, why we were brought here, or what we are doing here. Most of us believe the people who are called our parents are the ones responsible for it all; but people who are called our parents are living in the same kind of ignorance as are the ones called their children. It is almost as though we do not know who we really are because we do not really know who is responsible for our being here. I hope this state of affairs can be altered.

From the Foreword of THE SPIRIT IS THE COSMIC ALL-Power

Magic and self-discovery are imbedded here. These epic, rhythmic words will encode themselves deep in your soul and will lead you to great understandings when you least expect them.

Here is a gentle roadmap. We find the beginning, as always, is right where we are. You can't just follow - you may have to lead. And where you go with it can have depth and breadth and expansion and consciousness shifting of mythic proportions.

Those who learn from the signs along this enlightening path will win the brilliant treasure, and it will be gold for your life.

Discovery will first come as a whisper from you soul, next it will speak with your own voice from your heart, finally when you had almost forgotten the question, the answer will explode into your life.

This is a brilliant discovery piece. You will want to read it again and again.

W. Robynne McWayne, M.D.
Willow Springs Ranch, Nevada
Author of "Radical Reality"

Table of Contents or Excerpts

Table of Contents




  • 1 - SPIRIT - Spirit IS - The Cosmic All - is Spirit
  • 2 - DIVINITY - The Spirit - The Quality - Electric
  • 3 - ELECTRICITY - Consider - The Exciting - Living Alive Selection
  • 4 - MAGNETISM - Forcefully - Spirit Trinity - The Power of Love
  • 5 - GRAVITY - Significance - Within - Expresses


  • 6 - POWER -Foremost - Divinity IS - To Be
  • 7 - I AM - Trinity - Identity -The All-Cosmic Spirit
  • 8 - ELECTROMAGNETISM - Unified Duality - About Prisms - Electromagnetically

Section I - PART I

  • 9 - VIBRATION - Spirit Power - Rays of All - Ultraviolet
  • 10 - THROB - Vibrating - Thumping Beat - Throbs
  • 11 - PULSATION - Spirit Pulsation - Pulse Process - Divine
  • 12 - UNDULATION - The Vibration - Undulates - Its Own Unity


  • 13 - ENERGY - Spirituality - Of Matter - Energetic
  • 14 - VIGOR - In Spirit - Powerful - Vigor of Life
  • 15 - VIM - Over the Top - Vim Expresses - Relish With Appetite
  • 16 - LIVELINESS - Divine Consciousness - Disguises Spirit - Most Lively


  • 17 - FORCE - Completes The Trinity - Electromagnetically - Of Strength
  • 18 - INFLUENCE - As Force - In Stress - In Divinity
  • 19 - STRENGTH - Potency - A Muscle-Rightly - Power Strong
  • 20 - MIGHT - Might is Divine - Force - Righteously



Significance is gravity
Seriousness and magnitude
Third aspect of the trinity
Divinity with attitude
Duration with implication
Within Spirit gravitation
A prime part of the cosmic all
The reason why things seem to fall
The Spirit of solemnity
Exist as cosmic gravity
But none may correctly relate
The facts about gravity's state
And no mystery is as great
Or so enormous in its weight
As gravity - today the fate
Of truth rest with those who would lie
About the powers and defy
The law of truth - they would imply
That the import of gravity
Means only gross severity



The center of all is within
Each one - the cosmic universe
Of Spirit combines all and blends
All using gravity at first
To connect the divinity
By completing the trinity
Gravity is a magnitude
Within enormous solitude
It is the quality of weight
That unerringly gravitates -
But it is a magnanimous
Place of being in all of us
That we have yet been taught to trust
By those who know but every lust
After power - also the thrust
Of those upon which all relied
Having been entitles "The Wise"
Concealed reality with lies
Concerning the validity
Living within called gravity



Spirit expresses gravity
It is the within without weight
Ultimately sincerity
Inside meaning within fate
It is interiority
Inside divine reality
The basis of value and worth
Consequential meaning of birth
Within implication command
With gravity to understand
But these thoughts are misdirected
And this knowledge is protected
Kept secret - none may inspect it
Now all are taught to reject it
So that no one will connect it
With divine truth functionally
And use the meaning worthily
Because the force of gravity
When used with common sense
Will bind love with intelligence