The Flying Saucer and the Round Table

by Enos Green



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/24/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 144
ISBN : 9781553958260

About the Book

The original book was going to be a documentary on the negative influence of the Military Industrial Complex on American society where 50% of the nation's wealth for the past 53 odd years has been going to less then 7% of the population. All the other necessary factors of a viable infrastructure depleted over this period: public education, health care, housing, mass transit, environmental degradation etc.

However, I was strongly advised against this endeavor and instead chose to fictionalize the story. I want to illustrate the impact on society of the above endeavors on the people involved and the varied reactions of these people. This is the thrust of the book.

The proof of this "pudding" is seen in the following reaction of a reviewer.


"Dear Enos; Thank you for your skepticism of Government and your faith in Mankind."

William Conlin

"...a dramatic tale of how the ambition and greed of a select few people can have powerful and long-lasting negative results while goodness can also prevail in spite of temptations and pressures to go against one's convictions.

Kathleen Sutherland, Master's Degree in English/Creative Writing

About the Author

Enos Green is a born, bred, and battered native New Yorker who loved, enjoyed, and relished living in the city for most of his life. He's been true to NYC with temporary interruptions during WW2. He was a Sonarman in the U.S. Navy in the North Atlantic serving in convoys, hunter killer groups, anti-submarine warfare, and some additional world travels of his own volition.

Enos has been a member of the Center for Defense Information, comprised of retired military men from all branches of service that oppose "overkill" and unnecessary weapons systems that are to the detriment of the infrastructure of American society.

Enos is also a volunteer member of the Vanderbilt YMCA where he was a Swimming instructor, and gave exercise classes to people with back problems.