Identity Theft

Preventing Consumer Terrorism: An Attitudinal Approach

by Nathanael Whilk



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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/26/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8
Page Count : 184
ISBN : 9781553958505

About the Book

This is the only source available providing insight into the nature of identity thieves, their methods, their targets and sources. This book provides explicit, step-by-step techniques to significantly reduce or eliminate your risk while maintaining your lifestyle. It is a handbook that distills the topic into a compact and accessible form. This book is not available in bookstores or libraries. It is printed one-copy-at-a-time; only for those who care about their personal safety.

  • Learn to recognize when someone is trying to trick you into giving them your private information.

  • Learn what to say and what to do. How to turn the tables and collect your own information.

  • Configure your computer to prevent it from giving out your financial and personal information. Configure your thinking for the same results if you don't have a computer.

  • Learn how to safely strip identifying information from all major software and the registry. Change or eliminate the GUID (Global Universal ID). Grandma can do this!

  • Master the techniques of redirection and diversion.

  • Read what the Joint Military Intelligence College has to say.

  • Surf freely knowing that there is nothing for anyone to gain from you. No longer fear Cookies.

  • Master the techniques of shopping online.

  • Laugh at hackers, intruders, malicious software.

  • Prevent others with access to your computer from snooping.

  • All without reducing or harming the functionality of your computer or your Internet experience.

Written to reveal these concepts to anyone with or without a computer. The techniques are always the same. Identity Theft addresses the issues and more in modern terms.


"In the United States, in particular, a country where, in place of using an identity card, they are identified throughout their lives with a Social Security Number. On receipts and bills and on the most valuable of records they are certified from birth to death. The fear of identity theft is becoming so great as to have convinced companies like Visa, Microsoft and Amazon to form a coalition to combat this online crime. This past September, a study completed on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission estimated that 10 million Americans were victimized in the last year alone from this type of theft. Whereas the title How To Be Invisible (J.J.Luna, Dunne books, 2000) has been available for some time, today we introduce a published handbook that explains instead how to avoid having your own personal data usurped. This small volume (printed on demand) after explaining the precautions to take offline (e.g. a credit card transaction) reveals the inner workings of the Windows environment in order to eliminate every trace of information that could be stolen online by malcontents. The author, with coherence, published the book under a pseudonym and has asked us not to reveal his true identity."

Fabio Metitieri, 2003. Recensioni: libri, "Internet News", 9 (2003), n. 10 (novembre), p. 96. [Fabio Metitieri?s c.v. is at

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About the Author

Dr. Whilk has spent the last 20 years designing and implementing physical and virtual security systems for major corporations. For the last several years, "Doc" has specialized on the individual and on small businesses to provide these techniques to those who do not have the resources of the Fortune 500.

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