Life's Scars

by Billie Sue Atkinson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/1/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 154
ISBN : 9781553697459

About the Book

It is my writings, in which I speak, that keep me. And in my writings, seems my only release of pain and horror of yesterdays. Let me try to show you, what I mean. Let us go back to a time when "love" over powered "hate". When neighbors and families raised our children. Back to a time when all people knew God. Times before war and political battles! All people knew "love". Do you remember those days? Some how "loving" someone means differently to each individual. And to our children, what have they to say? What have we taught them?

As for me, my children's loss is great. I pray all is not in vain. I sat one day, pondering issues I have no control over. As I often do! And God gave me this poem with the events of September 11th, which has inspired this book!

The Time has come; to Redefine our Leader's from our Ruler's

Our people's eyes reveal the pain,
And the abuse of unprevented vain.

We fight now, against others of terrorism,
Yet not seeing the horror of communism here.

For most are pawns to a system who fails,
We helplessly listen to our future leaders cry out to prevail.

The "evil doer's" against us, the scars, we now carry,
Are we able to have them buried?

The abuse of power, misleading our future,
One day will we find "love" to be mutual?

As men, in power, boast and cover their evil ways,
Is our federal government going to stop this decay?

In memory of September 11th, 2001, World Trade System, USA! Let it NOT be in vain. Together we can stand united against evil, within our own system, as well!

I beg you take action here, as well as afar. It is God who sent me, and you! Together, we have the power to stop this "hate" by loving instead.

It was told here, in our Holy Bible in Rev.8:13...(Then I looked, and heard an eagle crying with a loud voice, as it flew in mid-heaven, "Woe, woe, woe to those who dwell on earth, at the blasts of the other trumpets which the three angels are about to blow!") We all seen and felt the Eagle Cry. We must see the pits of hell are wide open now! God is our only refuge! Time is near, now how do we heal?

About the Author

I am a 33 year old, mother to two sons. My book cover is a painting I have done of myself, as a child seeking refuge from darkness's of world to pray! My book preface, of "Life's Scars", was written in September of 2001. My book is an autobiography of my life's struggles and things I have learned in faith about our world and the system that governs. I pray it helps us heal from all the hate, this world teaches. My book and poem were inspired by the unity of a nation's people, as we prayed united those weeks that followed that tragic terror.

I am a veteran of our United States of America's Army, 101st Division, Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I grew up quick back then, it was the hardest thing I ever did, except missing out on my son, Joseph's life. I have an Associates Degree in Human Services, with over ten years of personal study into child psychology. I have six years of personal study into our politics, and Justice System here within America. I was born and raised here within Tioga County, Pennsylvania. I would say I had a normal up bringing average to other's my age. I grew up in Daggett, PA, a small town in Northern Pennsylvania, born in Blossburg in the spring of 1969. The painful reality of growing up in a split family is something I know well. My hometown was a great supporting neighborhood to my family and I. I was a pretty defiant teenager, as many are. I am sure my parents would agree; I always had something to say. I questioned their authority, as I still do with authority today. So many areas would be so much better, if our laws and rights were equally enforced.

You must realize that the original Klu Klux Klan started here within Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Many still with so much hate within them selves, it makes me sad to see them teach their hate to all they meet. It took me years to understand, the world around me, and how could we help stop the abuse so "We the People" could heal and trust again a neighbor or a system that is worthy of our friendship. When I was little, all people I knew feared God's wrath and knew His Love, even if their life did not show it at every turn.

How can I alone help heal this brokenness and pain? I ask continually for unity in prayer, on any issue that we all can come to agree on. I beg our Government to start enforcing all these rights that we think we have, and give back to us our children's rights to be free from abuse. Like mental abuse on children is one of my big subjects, for it steals their self-esteem and hinders them with pain, our doctors medicate, not knowing how to heal us. Every person in this world has a gift to share, if we would first look in our own reflections, to heal from all our hate, before you go to judging all, around you.

My favorite saying is "We all are victims of circumstance and situation". Yet the time to heal is now, let's stop the cycle of being "Hate Teachers". I beg you all to pray, and ask God to heal us now! As we come into unity, all battles can be won by spiritual prayer, and not by flesh of innocent blood. What have we taught to our children today? Ask them, you will see the pain within them strong.

Sincerely with love,
Billie Sue Atkinson