The Ultimate Project




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Language : English
Publication Date : 6/22/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7.5x10
Page Count : 184
ISBN : 9781412004671

About the Book

Everything you are seeking in life is contained within the small things you wish for, on a daily basis. It is not your big dreams that hold the key to your happiness in life - attaining your small, every day wishes is infinitely more powerful in creating the life you wish to have. Your focus and time, applied to your small wishes, will uncover all the missing pieces of information needed to show you - and deliver you to - your ultimate state of personal fulfillment.

These wishes are best identified and put into motion by approaching them as projects, and like all projects, success comes from anticipating and defining the desired result, followed by attention to detailed planning. The Ultimate Project offers you the lifeline of an easy, step-by-step method to direct and simplify your planning efforts. Beginning with uncovering your small wishes for your life where you are right now all the way through to easy implementation, this workbook will quickly have you creating more of the life you really want, right now, using the resources you already have it your disposal.

If you haven't ever looked at your life and wishes as a series of very small projects to be planned, then let your eyes be opened to the incredible power of approaching your time on earth in this manner!

About the Author

A native of Austin, Texas, Melissa was born into a family dead set on destruction - which turned out to be quite fortunate! With such a challenging beginning, she was forced to uncover and take up her personal mission early in life. She embarked on an intense quest for understanding and discovered that the key to creating a life of high-quality was to relentlessly ask questions about each and every experience, no matter the size or significance. Melissa's calling is practiced through her dedication to asking questions and uncovering answers about how to find contentment and satisfaction, right now, regardless of current conditions or circumstances.

The Ultimate Project serves as a workbook to assist fellow seekers, and sums up the very basics of her findings - that a person's life and character are created by their small, daily choices and decisions, and that the smallest changes can result in the largest transformations. Melissa embraces each new day with the knowledge that what she has learned so far pales in comparison to what is left to learn, and revels in the choices for learning that are hers alone to make. Her mission is to help others discover the transformative power of living a life of unrestrained choice.