Blood in Our Boots

by Edward P. Haider



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/24/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 130
ISBN : 9781553698074

About the Book

Blood in our Boots is one soldier's gripping story of his World War II experiences including life inside the walls of a Nazi POW camp. The author explains the training for war and his battle experiences from his unique perspective, an everyday soldier, not an historian. His reflections are tempered and distilled by the fifty-seven years which have passed since the events the events took place.
From his perspective and reflection he explains what it was like training to be a paratrooper. He shares with the reader the sea cruise to Casablanca and desert life, including bartering with the locals - selling G.I. supplies for a few extra bucks.
Memories of the tension and preparation involved with making America's first combat paratroop jump are vividly recalled by the author. The reader can sense the uncertainty among the men as they flew into harm's way and made their jump on the moonlit night of July 9, 1943.
Skirmishing with the Germans and eventually falling into their hands is shared with the reader. The reader feels and understands the stress and anguish of being taken prisoner and the uncertainty of what the future held for the author and his buddies. You will read of surgery without the benefit of anesthetic or sufficient medical supplies.
The author points out what daily life was like for POWs who were held in Stalag 2B and he takes issue with Military Intelligence reports that claimed life was bearable and hospitable for the men being held. You will experience the author's unrequited joy upon being liberated by the Russian Army.
This book gives a personal glimpse of life in the 82nd Airborne and how one man and his buddies survived the maltreatment they received at the hands of the Germans. It is a must-read for every student of history and for all who want to have a better understanding of life as a POW.

About the Author

Ed Haider was an eager, patriotic, twenty year old when he enlisted in the airborne in April of 1942. As is all combat, his experience turned into a living nightmare, being taken prisoner of war and living for almost two years in the hands of the Germans.
Following the war Ed married and raised two sons. He worked for Burlington Northern Railroad for thirty-three years as a fireman, engineer and as a trainmaster-road foreman.
Ed is now living in Roseville, Minnesota enjoying his retirement and sharing his prisoner of war experiences with students and other interested groups.