Elohim Phenomenon

Torah, Science and Math




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/1/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7x9.5
Page Count : 404
ISBN : 9781412044240

About the Book

This book is a mathematical and scientific portrayal of the creation of the physical universe. We examine all the details of forming a neutron, the atoms, the earth and galaxies as related to the Torah. Unlike most creational science books that biologically attack evolution or focus in on the flood or the Big Bang theory, we build the entire universe from scratch, namely nothing. After building the microcosm, we build the macrocosm and the earth. We only touch biology from the standpoint of transition from before and after the "fall." After structuring the initial universe and earth, we examine all the cataclysmic activity that formulates the world, as we know it today.

Truly, the reverence for Elohim is the beginning of knowledge, and the Torah a light to follow for understanding. The reverence for Elohim is like deciding to look at the map for directions. The Torah is like the images on the map. The Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) gives us the ability to understand the images that we see on the map. Have you ever wondered how plants survive after Elohim created them before there was a sun to divide day from night? Or did you, just decide that the whole idea is impossible?

About the Author

I became a "believer" in March 1982. In 1990 in Alaska, I began writing this book as a study of geology. In a sense, the book was written from the end to the beginning, and then reassembled. The basic philosophy used in writing the book is that the Creator knows how HE Created the universe, as HE is not subject to human dictates. We are not talking of just blind acceptance, but of solid reasoning.