The Inheritance

An American Family Biography




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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/15/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x7.5
Page Count : 136
ISBN : 9781553952213

About the Book

The last Chapter of "The Inheritance" is the writings of Marvin's personal testimony to the legacy of his Inheritance. Marvin, during his mid-thirties experienced the loss of his father. Before his father's death, his father stated that in life, how it was that a man or a woman lives, then dies, and is completely forgotten as time moves forward. To Marvin this statement by his father had met that life had no purpose or meaning. Surviving and getting by, and then to be forgotten was what his father had believed was in store for him. This is what originally had inspired Marvin to research his ancestors. This later was to become an inspiring story about God, Family and Country.

This story was originally written as a manuscript to document the research Marvin had accumulated over a period of many years. The story line in the book is based upon actual people, places, dates, and events that were uncovered in this research. From this family genealogy, there was also uncovered an unclaimed "Inheritance" of Gods Blessing and a "Heritage" of Christian values.

About the Author

Marvin R. McKim is a Businessman in the Insurance Industry, who lives in Denver, Colorado. In addition he is also the Founder of "Singles In Fellowship", a Denver based singles outreach. As a public speaker, he has had the opportunity and the privilege to be interviewed on "Inside/Out" a weekly television program that is broadcast in the Denver, Colorado Area. As a writer, he has written about the discovery of his legacy and the claiming of his Inheritance. This personal account was an article published in "Voice" an International World Wide Monthly Publication.

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