The World's Answer

Suicide or the Cross?




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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/29/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 212
ISBN : 9781553954163

About the Book

This book causes human minds to use their imaginations, or re-live their worst nightmares, depending on the reader.

Through personal accounts of those who have faced, and are facing, enormous daily struggles, The World's Answer: Suicide or the Cross explores many of the situations people continue to find themselves in. You learn some of the routes people choose in hopes of finding the answers they seek.

The World's Answer: Suicide or the Cross does not gloss over the grief, heartache, guilt, and despair a loved one feels when a struggler chooses to commit suicide. Instead, you, the reader, become swallowed up in the situations. You are there, and the situations feel real.

You suffer, yet, you hope; you have faith. You know life is unbearable without it.

This book offers you a God-given hope.

Yes, insight is offered from the Bible and we see a glimpse of who God is. We learn what hurts Him and what makes Him happy.

Yes, hope is offered to those who cripple along emotionally. Freedom is offered to this captive. Peace andjoy is offered to the grief-stricken. Salvation is offered to all.

Yet, The World's Answer: Suicide or the Cross is primarily about a miracle and a gift: the miracle of time (life) and the gift of hope (healing).

The miracle of life and the gift of healing is offered to all, but is accompanied by a choice to either choose both, or turn away from both.

The choice is yours and, through this book, you may learn to choose wisely.

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About the Author

I could be traditional and tel you about all the places I've lived. I could tell you about people I've met. I could tell you all about the job, which I love, and about my family, which I love more.

I could give you a full page of information about me but you would not know me any more than you do now. All you would know is a number of facts about me, some details of my life.

Therefore, I will be original.

I will tell you about my heart and what affects it most of all.

I am the daughter of and wife of born-again Christian people. Therefore, you might conclude that I am a born-again Christian myself. In this instance, you would be right.

However, it wasn't always the case for me.

I grew up in a Christian home. I attended church faithfully and, at the ripe, young, impressionable age of seven, dedicated my life to Christ. I still remember, twenty-three years later, the impact it had on my young heart.

I grew up.

Years later, I found myself ensnared in the bondage of sin. My heart had gradually drifted away from God and the enemy of my soul made its subtle entrance into my life; into my heart.

Life was difficult for a long time. There were times I cried myself to sleep; times I was broken-hearted; times didn't know where to turn.

Committing suicide, I can honestly say, never entered my mind.

However, I knew something was missing from my life.

I missed feeling secure. I missed feeling a peace that I had always been surrounded by. I missed singing in Church. I missed reading my Bible. I missed God.

My Christian upbringing taught me that God is always available to me, whenever, wherever, and however, I need Him.

In my mind, I knew that.

In my heart, it was difficult to accept because I didn't feel He was near me. I felt deserted by God.

I searched for God. I searched as if searching for diamonds. I searched as if searching for hidden treasures. I desperately wanted to find God again and I wasn't sure just how much longer I could wait.

And then...

I felt a stirring. I felt a change. I heard a gentle knock on my heart's door. I heard God asking to come in.

I opened that door and I have never turned back.

I've made mistakes, but I've learned from them.

I'm not perfect, just forgiven.

God has blessed me.

I don't deserve a wonderful husband and two angels for daughters. I don't deserve a loving extended family. I don't deserve a host of loyal friends. I definitely don't deserve the breath I take each moment of the day, but God has blessed me. He has forgiven me. He made me part of his family.

Anything else in my life is irrelevant because God is life.