Crossing Paths




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/30/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 324
ISBN : 9781412062800

About the Book

Crossing Paths is a very intriguing novel. The main character, Manfred Bo, was born with a gold spoon, is masculine and athletic, handsome as a prince on a white horse, adventurous as Marco Polo and as romantic as the great Valentino.

The only son and heir to a vast industrial empire in Germany, Manfred obtained his father's permission to roam the world after his graduation from university. His father was all in favor of this while his mother feared for her son's safety. After his father's sudden death, Manfred's mother pleaded with him to abandon his planned long trips. However he takes off to explore North, Central and South America and returns home changed in many ways. His mother was shocked with his newly acquired unshaven appearance and casual mannerisms yet not too harsh. His mother hoped that her son would now step into his fatherÕs shoes to take control of the family business and fortunes. Falling on his father's promise and his itchy feet, Manfred again sets off, this time with an assumed name, in an old Beetle car, and travels south then eastwards making his adventurous way to Australia.

In Part Two of the novel, Sue Montgomery, an attractive New Zealander, was very unlucky in finding the "right man". Disillusioned she decided not to trust another man and moves to Australia and, like Manfred, has an assumed identity. Intrigue continues...

About the Author

S. Ruos is not only a novelist. He is also a playwright, poet, short story writer, and is currently working on librettos. The author's very individualistic and non-conformist nature can easily be recognized in his writings. Ruos began writing in primary school and was even proclaimed a child prodigy.

In his youth, the author did classical ballet acting and was the president of a literary society. In 1979 he represented Sydney International P.E.N. Centre at the Rio de Janeiro congress. He was also an observer at the Lyon-Paris Congress in 1983.

Living on a small estate on the eastern coastal area of Australia, Ruos enjoys his passions of opera, classical music and gardening.

The author has a large number of unpublished manuscripts which he hopes will eventually see the light of day.

The author's motto: "My conscience is a mirror which reflects the real me in the way I give judgment."