Unleashing Thought-Power
The Power of Believing

by Hector Amezquita



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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/19/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.25x8.25
Page Count : 174
ISBN : 9781553957133

About the Book

We are always thinking. Still, very few of us have accurate information about the origin of thoughts, their power and effects, and the fact that, incredible as it may sound, we can use our thinking to manifest in our lives anything we might want. Thought is the origin of a country, its constitution, legislation, economic systems and political ideologies. It is the invention of tools, machinery and equipment, the arts, science, astronomy, philosophy, and everything around you. You cannot pronounce a word or move a part of your body if you don't think of it first, to the point that every event in your life is a consequence of your conscious or unconscious thinking, but always the outcome of thought.
Nobody can negate that people are happy or unhappy because of what they think, not because of what actually happens. Similarly, people fail, or succeed, because of what they think, not because of what actually happens around them. Thought is power, but unfortunately very few have had the chance to discover this great power within, and fewer still are actually using it.
Thoughts can also become beliefs, which if not properly understood can jeopardize anybody's life and endeavours. They are a power too, that can be good or risky depending on the type of beliefs that the individual may have adopted during his lifetime. However, there is always available a way out from false beliefs and real ease in adopting new and right ones. This book is intended to share practical ways of using thought-power for all those individuals who are genuinely interested in overcoming limitations and the lack of success in their lives, offering, in the author's opinion, the best tool ever.

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About the Author

Héctor Amézquita is a retired businessman, former international executive, and former Board member of the Guatemalan Central Bank. He is currently an assiduous researcher of the power of thought, about which he has already written a book titled Thought, the Greatest Power of All, published in English, in 1997, in the United States and in Spanish, in 1999, in Guatemala, his country of origin. The book was also published in Portuguese in Brazil in 2000. A skillful speaker on the subject of thought, he has been lecturing in English, Spanish and Portuguese to many organizations interested in learning more about how thought is the cause of everything. He now lives in Central Florida.
His e-mail address is: amez@iag.net