Three Plays by Roger Maybank




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/19/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 390
ISBN : 9781412065542

About the Book

'Grasslands': Bare stage. Two men, with portable campfire, inventing their everyday world. All around them flaming pyres with plague-dead bodies. Woman enters with donkey, only survivor of troupe of actors; rehearses the willing but incompetent men to play parts in Mystery Cycle. Older man remains with the campfire, younger man goes off through pyres with the woman. ''Snakes and Ladders': Man long alone in cave. Three travelling players come in for shelter from rain. Keep to themselves, rehearsing parts of broken legends. Man alone crawls in, hurt. First man befriends him, tells his past, friend who died in the cave. Other man..who lives by his wits at fairgrounds, in a post-disaster landscape.. mocks and teases him; and slowly is drawn into his world. "Stonetag': Old man on a bench in a leafy 'needle park'. Bag lady, all her psssessions on a child's wagon. Young man, shivering with drug cold, tries to befriend bag lady. 'Stage hands', unseen by the characters, monitor and guide the action, 'kidnap' the bag lady and young man, kill the old man.

About the Author

Born in Winnipeg and lived there for twenty years. Not often since. After university in Britain, and some European wandering, he lived in Greece for some years, on an island, writing mostly novels. Returned to Canada, to live on the west coast, and to write plays, and stage them.