Future Net

The Essential Guide to Internet and Technology Megatrends

by Jim Ensor



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/3/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 390
ISBN : 9781553957249

About the Book

The book highlights startling new ideas and developments in technology and software, then predicts the future of the Internet and technology usage in general.

Evolution and personalization describe changes to:

  • Human evolution - a rethinking of the role of technology in human evolution, outlining the role of the internet in changing communities
  • Personal evolution - multiple identities on the web, cyborgs, biotechnology, cloning
  • Infrastructure - the rise of the web, and future trends including .NET, peer-to-peer, portals
  • Interfaces - the rise of Windows, Browsers and the story of 3D
  • Internet Software - the rise of games, chat, web services, bots, and music downloads, and some more general types of evolution as relating to the Net
  • Bot evolution - the rise of bots, their role on the internet, and the internet as a life form
  • Virtual evolution - a stunning new theory about virtual existence and how we will end up as part of the web
A wide ranging series of ground breaking new ideas are raised in the book as part of a new perspective about the world, including the following:
  • Personalization is at the heart of recent developments of internet architecture and interfaces, a virtually unnoticed phenomenon as far as its range and over-arching influence.
  • The unmet need for 'interactivity' is determining software success on the web.
  • 'Bots' or software agents are emerging as a major new piece in the jigsaw of new software and architecture. Companion bots will emerge as our typical interface to computers - which extend into becoming 'Virtual Existence.'
  • A restructure of the Net is proposed, via use of bots. New 'orange links' could link data in a new ways.
  • Our 'identity' is changing as we develop multiple persona on the web - becoming personalized
  • Our 'bodies' are changing by the combined impact of bionics, biotechnology, drugs, spare parts and are also being personalized.
  • Ideas can be alive as memes, but can the Internet become conscious too?
  • Darwin's theory of evolution - has the way it operates on human beings changed?
  • Technolution - technology's effect on evolution is the driving engine of change in our society today, rather than other theories of social change
It all comes together in a completely new perspective on technology, the Internet, and the future.

About the Author

Jim Ensor has been involved in leading roles in the computer software industry for 18 years in many activities - developer, manager, marketer, entrepreneur, consultant and technical advisor.

In 1994 he founded the Progenesis Group of Companies and currently remains proprietor and CEO. Progenesis is one of the world's leading software developers and suppliers of commercial property management software.

Progenesis products include Progen2, for commercial owners and managers of city buildings, shopping centres or factory complexes, and Progen3, for corporate lessees, or large Government bodies who have complex lease requirements.

Progenesis has built a reputation for innovation in the property software industry over the past 8 years. Progen2 was one of the earliest full Windows software solutions, while Progen3 was a very early 'internet enabled' product, featuring an operational extranet, and special robot-based security. Recently, a corporate portal for Progen3 was also released. The headquarters of Progenesis are in Australia, and the software is marketed internationally.

Jim Ensor is also involved in the development and tailoring of 3D software, for the new 'immersive' generation of software applications.

His expertise comes from work in large scale software projects, database applications, 3D-World technology, and various cutting edge Internet projects. He has a Bachelor of Economics, post graduate computer qualifications, and is the author of various Technical Papers on technology trends"

You can visit the Progenesis website at www.progensoft.com