Men Don't Cry, Part 1

America How Beautiful

by Chris Ross



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/6/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7x9
Page Count : 188
ISBN : 9781412062268

About the Book

John Thomas was born in a coal-mining town in Wales. He worked in the mine a few years and hated it, so he decided to leave Wales and go to America to find a new life in 1978. His father didnÕt want him to leave the mine.

He got passage on a ship and arrived in Pennsylvania where he met a girl whose parents were of aristocratic upbringing and would not consider the likes of John marrying their daughter. They married in spite of her parentsÕ objections and moved to Vermont where he got work making flag poles.

They had two sons and when the boys were about ten or twelve years old, their father was killed on the job. Their mother put them in an apprenticeship to a clothes dryer, so that they could learn a trade to make a future life with. She left to go back to her parent's house.

These are the facts I was told. The story left many gaps and unanswered questions. I have filled these in with probable fiction to make a complete story including the dependence they had on God, and by what means their Christianity came with John from Wales.

About the Author

I was born on the south east quarter of 30 - 5 - 23, in the brick house my grandfather - Alfred - had built shortly after he was married. It is five miles south-west of Hartney, Manitoba. I was christened Gladys Christine Thomas, birth date April 20, 1926. My daily given name is Christine. I was the first-born Laurence Thomas and Gladys Patterson, who had been married July 1, 1925. My paternal grandparents moved off the farm in 1928 and took me and my next sibling - Mary Rosina - to a location near the Souris River, three and a half miles from the farm.

My grandfather was a dedicated Christian and during my seven years with them I learned a lot of basics of Christianity. I also learned to love the things of nature, and animals. The love of horses was with me when I was born, and started showing itself when I was able to walk, and open the screen door to escape to the barn.

I married in 1950 and by 1954 realized this was not going to work. I took my three children and moved in with my parents until I could get my thoughts straightened out. I worked for bachelor farmers where I could take my children to look after, and also my two horses.

In 1957 I met Ken Ross, and in 1958 we married. Five children followed. During these years I started writing my own pleasure, then writing the newsletters for several provincial organizations I helped organize.

My era with horses passed eventually, and I went into goats, where again I organized the owners, and started writing a newsletter for them. I finally reached the age of not being able to do the work required so sold off everything and moved for the first time of permanent residence out of Manitoba and to Edmonton, Alberta, where I would be close to many of my children. While living in retirement I decided to return to writing, this time stories, from my past, which lead me to the writing of my ancestors. I am finding it most exhilarating, and wish I could have started it much sooner in life...