The Mini Gospel




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Language : English
Publication Date : 7/20/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.25
Page Count : 16
ISBN : 9781412072144

About the Book

After a lifetime of spiritual experiences that are presented in the detail in the book ,b>ÒWe Kneeled at the MasterÕs FeetÓ. Dr. Mooring became totally convinced that he is the reincarnation of the Apostle John and that the experiences of his lifetime were for the purpose of developing the faith and courage that would be needed to open this up to the public. Knowing that there would be a tremendous outcry and criticism from the public, and since this is so contrary to the ÒorthodoxÓ relegionists of our time. Teh reliegious hierarchy are happy with the system as it is. They don't want anyone to "rock the boat", as it were, but our "Master" says that it is time to reveal the simple truths to mankind. These truths are contained in these three books; 'We Kneeled at the Master's Feet", The Gospel of the Existence of Man" and "The Mini Gospel."

About the Author

Dr. Brutus D. Mooring, is an eighty year old chiropractic physician who has been functioning under the direction of God form any years. He has lived a highly spiritual life and the book, We Kneeled at the MasterÕs Feet , is a presentation of a lifetime of spiritual experiences . He has had three wives, each of whom were touched by God, opened to the spiritual planes. They, each were able to go into a deep trance, project their conscious minds in the spirit world. They would retain control of their vocal apparatus and hearing mechanism. By doing so Dr. Mooring could communicate with highly evolved beings in the higher planes of existence.

He has been under the guidance if those who, at the time of Jesus ChristÕs earth walk, were the apostles and others worked closely with Him. He was able to talk with those, and many others on the higher places of existence. At the time of ChristÕs earthly mission Dr. Mooring worked closely with Him. He was not Judas. He was sent back to earth at this time in order that he can assist in the return of Christ for his Òsecond comingÓ.

Dr. Mooring was given two missions in this lifetime. The first was to assist in the development if the chiropractic profession and the second was to prepare for ChristÕs return. These three books are designed to help further this second mission, and to strengthen the first mission.

These books are presentation of some of the living experiences God has given him during his lifetime that all peopled who will read them can realize that God is real and He can and does work miracles in the lives of people here on earth.