A Friend For All Seasons

by Mary Pendlebury



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/20/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 92
ISBN : 9781412019880

About the Book

Whether you are waiting to meet that special friend or you have already have him/her in you life, this book is for you. You may be feeling that somehow your life has not been validated. If you are feeling as though you are one of those invisible people, you will come to realize that there is someone out there waiting for a friend like you.

A true friend is the first person who gladly rises out of the roller coaster of life with you. It was just such a friend inspired this book. A book reflecting snapshots of our combined and individual experiences but written with a twist. The idea is that each person reading this book will be able to insert his/her own life experiences into the stories, filling in the details that make it uniquely your story as well. Read. . .experience. . .laugh. . .cry. . .reflect. . .then share this with that special someone in your life. What you will share in the process is a deeper appreciation for one another and hopefully an enhanced opportunity to share the mutual healing and growth that comes in the process of developing a friendship.

About the Author

It is sometimes difficult being the sixth child in a family of ten but then again it gives you the opportunity to learn in so many different ways. That was me. . .one of those middle children that had to find some way to be unique. I was told so many times by my parents that they knew they were going to have a girl, what her name would be and also that she would be born on December the eighth. It wouldn't be until after the fourth boy and the first girl were born that I came along. I suppose that was where I learned the importance of patience and perseverance.

Everyone expected me to become a social worker. . .can't figure out why. I started out taking care of the younger siblings, countless other children in the neighbourhood and last but not least numerous nieces and nephews. Yes at some point I was a Social Service Worker. I worked primarily with teenagers. Through the years I have worked at so many kinds of jobs from general larborer, to management positions. I have been a postal worker, receptionist, cashier, customer service representative and believe it or not I was even a forklift operator in a warehouse. It has been a long and interesting journey to say the least. Given all of that, it seemed that there was still something lacking. At the urging of my frined Diane, I started writing once again and found that it was like returning to a lost love.

Perhaps that will also give you an idea of where the fodder that feeds my stories and poems comes from. It is amazing just to observe people and see things unfold in any given situation. What I didn't expect to see for the longest time was this. Me. . .having to sit myself down to write about myself for a book that was going to published. It is my hope that this book will bring you some hope, encouragement, validation, and maybe even a few laughs. With my dear friend Diane I have been able to share in an experience of mutual growth and healing that I am sure will continue for years to come. To me, friends are the best medicine. Best friends are those once in a lifetime kind of people. They ride out every storm with you. They share the mundane and make it feel like the most important thing in the world. They heighten the joys and quell the fears. They are truly the ones who give meaning the title of A Friend for all Seasons and I have been blessed with just such a person in my life. For that I am truly grateful.