The Lost Braddock Gold




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/25/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x7
Page Count : 268
ISBN : 9781412035460

About the Book

This book came about by a series of events and occurences the author experienced. He uses a portion of historical facts mixed with a large dose of the super-natural; then stirring in a niberal quota of fiction, he has developed an intriguing recipe for the reader's wonderment. As you travel along the trail of adventure with Scott Taylor, you will find yourself struggling to separate fact from fiction.

The author relies on much of his personal experiences for his references, as he grew up in the mountains which frame the setting for this story. He did indeed suffer a slight case of amnesia during WWII while serving in the South Pacific, and uses this experience to embellish the main character's own trauma.

One of the many interesting quotes that color the story is: "It was true, I was living two hundred years in the past! I thought, or had I lived two hundred years in the future?"

As you read this most unusual story, you will discover a double plot unfloding which stimulates the reader to read between the lines of this capivating mystery.

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About the Author

Earl Jennings is a devoted father, grandfather, and greatgrandfather. He is a World War II veteran who served nearly three years in the South Pacific. he returned to active military duty during the Korean War before completing a BS degree and post graduated studies at Frostburb (Md.) State Teachers College, now Frostburg State University.

Earl worked for many years as an educator, and is an avid naturalist. He helped develop outdoor education programs for the public school system in Western Maryland, an area that he enjoyed very much. The author cares deeply about the preservation of early American life and culture, and he hopes these bits of memory recorded in this book will be a legacy of sorts to many of the people who will read these pages.