Path to the Invisible House

by Sloan Young



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/28/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 626
ISBN : 9781412080859

About the Book

The Invisible House Society was founded for the sole purpose of training students of Magick in the grades of the Order of the Golden Dawn whereby they propel themselves into the Order of the Rosy Cross (these orders representing levels of attainment, not to be confused with the societies or congregations that have named themselves after these grades). The Invisible House (IH) utilizes the same structure and guidelines as is used by the A A (Astron Argon), as delivered by Aleister Crowley and George Cecil Jones.

After years of initiating and training students, it was decided by the founding members to take the proven methods of training and compile them into one resource. One book. This compendium contains all of the necessary instructions for the Probationer, Neophyte, Zelator, Practicus and Philosophus. Now there exists a comprehensive resource for student advancement that encompasses guided-initiation, apprenticed-initiation, and self-initiation with the plethora of oral instructions and demonstrations put into the written word.

Who should use this book? The tasks and dedication necessary to pursue the paths of Magick are daunting enough to scare many prospective students away. Superstition and societal taboo are enough to make others hesitate. Self-doubt, self-loathing, the false sense of obligation to others and ridicule from peers; the list of excuses not to become an Initiate is endless. But you, the daring individuals who take a step onto the path, who follow the calling of your hearts to something more - into truth, strength and confidence - despite what others might think, it is for you that this book has been written. You who have the desire, drive, and tenacity to take that first step and attempt to stay the course will exceed beyond the limits set upon you by your peers, discover and develop yourself into excellence.

What does this book teach? The great magicians of every era have endeavored to gather together traditional wisdom and practices, update them with newer information and concepts, and further refine these systems according to the contemporary levels of comprehension and language. While maintaining the structure of the AA , Path to the Invisible House provides a clear and concise breakdown of the journey through the occult mysteries, elucidating points that have been hitherto lost, omitted or unclear, removing much of the ambiguity that is inherent in such writings, and further explaining very complex components of certain grade tasks. The methods of instruction have been refined for greater impact upon the desensitized mind of the current generations and the exercises explicated in general terms for greater application and adaptability, the desirous results the same.

Path to the Invisible House has been written sequentially from the first step through to the end of the student grades and shows the student of Magick the ways of self-discovery, self-mastery and enlightenment. Each section provides a foundation and initiations necessary for success in subsequent sections. Followed through to its end, this handbook will take the assiduous student into a world where nothing is unattainable with the proper application of Will. This book puts into simple terms secrets and mysteries that have tested the vocabularies of literary masters for ages. As clear as the language is within this book, there are still subtler levels of information conveyed that act as proofs of accuracy for postulations made and confirmations of attainments described within that will go unnoticed to the uninitiated. Therefore, the value of this book increases with the progressive work and experience of the magical student.

The Great Work is not a path for the chosen, but a path we choose to take.

About the Author

Sloan Young is a founding member of the Invisible House Society, a Hermetic Organization providing Magical and Mystical training for students. Many years of successful instruction and guidance is now available those individuals seeking a means to progress through the student grades and into Adept-ship.