Physical Justice

A Guide to Preventative & Medical Breakthroughs

by Dwaine R. Klein & Douglas J. Geving



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/16/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 388
ISBN : 9781412027694

About the Book

Some of the most powerful and important techniques for healing the body, mind, and spirit are detailed in this book. For people who are trying to heal a debilitating chronic illness, the use and eventual practice of one or more of these healing techniques can be a very important part of a healing program. Diet, stress reduction and avoidance of toxic substances can provide enormous healing benefits. Take the time to thoroughly explore all of the information in this book and then put the information into your own healthy practice.

Always remember medicine is a practice. The practice of medicine is a common term and is the absolute truth - it is a practice. I wish medicine were a pure science where 2 + 2 always equaled four. Unfortunately, it is not that way. I have studied alternative medicine for over 40 years and this book is an attempt not to let those 40 years of research and study go to waste. What you are about to read in this book might seem unbelievable, some of it is just plain old wisdom from Grandma's first aid notes (Grandma always knew best). My hopes are that you find something that will be of some help to you. I hope that this information will change your life as much as it has changed mine.

This book is not intended to put down allopathic medicine. Neither is it intended to replace. There is a great need for traditional medicine, but I believe there is an even greater need for alternative medicine. You should have a choice and the knowledge to make that choice. I do not presume to make diagnoses; I only try to change the chemistry of your body in a natural way so it can respond favorably against the disease you may be confronting. Please know this, it is always, always, easier to prevent the disease rather than try to cure it. This book contains more ideas on preventative medicine than cures for disease.

If only your sixteen-year-old could have the knowledge presented here, life may be much easier for him. Too often, I am presented with a problem that has been neglected and has lasted so long that the cure looks almost impossible. Please know that almost nothing is impossible and it is never too late until you are six feet under. Never forget the power of prayer, as I have learned through the years, faith and a higher power sometimes has a greater healing effect than any medical efforts traditional or alternative.

About the Author

My story began with a desire to become a medical missionary. I received a B.A. from Northwest College. From there I went to Eastern Washington University where I received a B.S. degree. Then I continued my education until I had received a M.S. degree also from Eastern Washington University.

I used my degree for a short time to teach science at Spokane Falls College. My interests gradually changed from traditional medicine, to alternative treatments. They seem to have substantially fewer side effects and have led many people from sickness to health. I now receive calls from many parts of the United States from people who have failed to find healing from traditional medicine. One man had seen 27 doctors, he and his wife had all but given up saying, "enough is enough." He could not work and expressed to me that he did not have the desire to try anymore. I spent two hours with him over the phone. He seemed to believe me and decided it may be worth one more try. Within several weeks of the phone call, he was almost completely free of pain, back on the job and full of hope. You see I was his 28th try. That man's desperation and hope for renewed health and his desire never to give up showed me the reason not to give up. Please note I have never accepted one dollar in my efforts to help people. I do not sell remedies and am not sponsored by endorsements. My only reward is your health and happiness. I do not own stock in any chemical or vitamin companies, so my advice is prejudiced by nothing.