The Telltale Tarot




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Language : English
Publication Date : 8/5/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 316
ISBN : 9781412003841

About the Book


Compelled to write The Telltale Tarot due to reader response, I took pen in hand. Too many readers expressed that The Heart Shaped Amulet although delightful, was unfinished. It was uncanny how a number of readers expressed this same idea. Many duplicate questions such as, "What happened to the amulet?" "Did Chloe "go home" soon thereafter?" "Tell us more about Dimitri." "Tell us why you've been dubbed "the squirrel lady" rather than "the deer lady" or "the bird lady." When all these questions came pouring in, and many questions repeated such as the ones quoted above, I knew I had to finish The Heart Shaped Amulet. In addition to answering the above inquisitions as magically and whimsically as possible, I thought perhaps a lesson in reading Tarot would make the novel a bit more substantial. I will not disclose which parts of The Telltale Tarot are truth, and which are fiction. No one would believe me anyway, hence I dub myself "The Fool" (Il Matto) of my psyche sets me free! The "mission" of The Telltale Tarot is to finish the "mission" of The Heart Shaped Amulet.

About the Author

Semy-Aror (Half-Light) was born January 1, 1953, of a Sicilian mother and a Hungarian Gypsy father. She was raised with rites, rituals, and magic since birth, meetings with spirits, entities of the Universe, out of body experiences, and the like, all a normal part of living through childhood. A Tarot Card expert with flourishing clientele, Semy practices in her "Mystic Cottage" on her spacious wooded property made up of three plateaus, each one about thirty feet higher than the other. Paranormal experiences, or at least what is regarded as paranormal, is a "constant" on this acre of terraced forest, especially with animals. Semy is also know as the "Squirrel Lady" in her small village town. A scientist in many veins, a spiritual healer, an artist and a writer, a dancer, and in the mundane world, a registered nurse with a bachelor of science in nursing. Semy often cites: "Today's Magic is Tomorrow's Science."