Make Your Next Tradeshow Pay... Not Cost

"Be Outrageously Successful at Exhibiting"

by Troy Milligan



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/9/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 258
ISBN : 9781412087926

About the Book

Being in a trade show shouldn't cost it should pay! Whether you are on the cusp of exhibiting in your first trade show or you are a seasoned trade show veteran, this powerful book contains exhibiting tricks and secrets sure to make your event wildly successful. In order to seriously prosper in the trade show environment, it is imperative that you hone in on the secrets of trade show marketing. Just imagine your marketing team having an aisle filled with prospective clients focused in on your live marketing presentation as your message is repeatedly delivered. In this book, you will learn tips and tricks that can instantly put more leads in reach of your marketing team, more sales on your books, and more return on your trade show investment than you ever imagined possible. You'll see how to lower your exhibiting cost and motivate your marketing team with result driven management that is fun and profitable. Milligan's Grab The Spotlight Checklist alone will help you gain a surprising advantage over your competition. With the planning and media control explained in this book, you will propel your business onto the fast track of success. You'll be able to cut through the exhibiting guesswork with Milligan's Trade Show Resource Directory, exclusively for trade show and convention professionals.

In this book, you'll find a thorough overview of the steps you need to take to have an outrageously powerful trade show experience. From goal setting to designing an effective exhibit, and from pre-show marketing to properly managing leads, the subsequent chapters of this book walk you through a trade show plan that, if followed, will ensure your company's success as an exhibitor. It all starts with the realization that trade show is two words.

About the Author

Troy Milligan is not just a marketing magician with a message. He is a real life magician too! You see, shortly after college he got started working trade shows as a professional magician (1975). He is thte presenter with a magic touch. As founder CEO of a training and consulting firm to executives, trade show managers, and marketing professionals. He helps companies grab the spotllight and cash in on unseen marketing advantages at trade events, meetings, seminars, etc. He lives in Northern California.