The Light of Understanding

by Nicholas Scott-Ram



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/14/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 436
ISBN : 9781412094641

About the Book

There are major changes taking place all around us, yet most are unseen. We live in an Avataric Age which means that everything is changing. Our physical world is just one aspect of a huge expanse of light, where invisible streams of awareness flow in and out of our consciousness. Beyond the physical, there are untold millions of layers of experience through which our soul journeys. All of these levels are now undergoing profound changes that are impacting our normal lives, as the old timeline of suffering is replaced by the new timeline of grace.

The Light of Understanding gives a detailed description of these changes beginning with the first spark of creation, through to the formation of the planes of consciousness and the soul's orbit from unconscious bliss back, ultimately, into conscious union. Light goes on to describe the birth of the planetary consciousness, Gaia, though the essence of Macheldavek, and to explain the formation of the different root races in the past. It explains how new types of souls are coming into the planet and how a new triangle of energies is forming between the devas, the angels and higher levels of guidance known as the Elderings. This triangle will be birthed into the expanded charka system containing twelve charkas.

The sum total of humanity's past, as held within the astral levels, is now being restructured along a new timeline of the Sixth Root Race where a new collective experience of unity will provide a platform of a higher level of conscious awareness. The new timeline is birthing a stunning, new hologram of light and all we have to do is to connect with it and embrace it. This hologram will provide us with new vehicles of consciousness and a new light body; mental telepathy will flow effortlessly, and each person will access entirely new levels of love, knowledge and delight, in preparation for the eventual return to the Cosmic Christ.

About the Author

Nick Scott-Ram graduated in Natural Sciences (Zoology) at Cambridge University and went on to complete his PhD in the Philosophy of Science (also Cambridge). Since a young age he has had a deep interest in meditation and developing insight into our inner world of experience, both from a philosophical perspective and an experiential one. Over the last ten years he has been fortunate enough to work with David Cousins and to explore different subtle energy patterns in our world.

He has written a number of books including Keys to the Crystal Skull, Divine Beacon of Light (LightWork Media, 2004), Keys to Our Heart, A Prelude to the Sixth Root Race (LightWork Media, 2002) and Transformed Cladistics Taxonomy and Evolution (Cambridge University Press 1990). He has also written numerous articles on business subjects including intellectual property and biotechnology, and co-authored Patents on Biotechnological Invention and The EC Directive (A Sweet & Maxwell 2002)

Since 1997 Nick has run workshops on a range of spiritual subjects. The focus of his wok is on the development of an energetic interpretation of our inner journey and on the interaction of natural phenomena around us, such as the Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdoms. He currently divides his time between writing and running workshops in the UK and overseas.

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