Growing Good Hearts

The Rooting Years

by Candace Croft



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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/10/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7x9
Page Count : 400
ISBN : 9781412044929

About the Book

Regardless of age, we each live simultaneously as a child and a parent while at home, work, and play. Receiving divine instruction daily, each person remains forever a child in the universe. If you have children, if you have employees or colleagues, if you have friends and family, if you have a spouse or partner, if you aspire to align with Self, you are also a parent, nurturing growth.

According to the sacred contract, each of us is charged to nourish the heart of any child entrusted into our care, support every child's development, count the blessings each child brings, cutivate goodness and light, remain true to the divine plan, and facilitate lush growth.

Integrating expertise in child development, parenting, and spirituality, the author discusses parenting moments from infancy through the toddler years. Each moment is divided into three sections: an anecdote illustrating a teachable moment in a child's development, a discussion of the developmental concept involved, and an application of the life lesson at a higher level. In addition, prayers are interspersed throughout the book to provide wishes, guidance, and encouragement from the child at heart. A parenting mantra is repeated as a reminder to relax, breathe, and realize that teachable moments are a part of healthy development. Activities are provided to assist the reader's personal development.

Each child holds the seed of a parent. Within each parent is the heart of a child. May this book guide you to learn the lessons of child-heart and parent wisely, nurturing the spirit of those entrusted into your care according to the sacred contract.
A book from The Heart of Tabankhu

About the Author

Candace A. Croft, Ph.D., CFLE holds a degree in psychology from Saint Olaf College, a Masters in Child Development & Family Relations from the University of Arizona, and a doctorate in Health & Human Devleopment from The Pennsylvania State University, and is a certified family life educator and aromatherapist. She has worked as a therapist and served in management roles with national health organizations and directing a wellness center. As a professor, she taught courses in lifespan development, transpersonal psychology, and integrative health. She has authored numerous articles and is the recipient of several awards and honors. An experienced teacher and speaker, she gives presentations and serves as a consultant to groups on integrative health, spirituality, and sacred environments. For more information, please access her complete biography at

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