Peacemaker's Altruism Manual

PM-AM= Night & Day in Every Way

by Robert Brown



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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/14/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 100
ISBN : 9781412096980

About the Book

Brown Rule Types - fashioned for terrorists' termination

  1. Brown Rule is based on "You are what you are taught by relatives who should teach respect and reverence and are responsible for your actions until death, they depart". (Beyond the age of 21 the present conception)

  2. Brown Rule Justice - "A criminals relatives must pay the cost of incarceration when after trial by an odd numbered jury the accused is found guilty."

  3. Brown Rule Existence - "Ignorance is no excuse nor theft of property, when not reported as soon as possible." This rule identifies owners of vehicles used in bombings. As soon as authorities are informed the identity of vehicle can be put into all surveillance cameras.

  4. Brown Rule Forgiveness - "Forgiving by a majority vote of the victim's relatives is possible, every 3 years, if no living relatives, then 3 of their neighbors to shorten sentences and avoid probation. Probation in Brown's opinion has been a failure due to restrictions it imposes on the released inmates both having to pay and stay in a reporting area tends to push return to crime".

  5. Brown Slogan - The UPS United Parcel Service "What can Brown do for you?" is popular saying that is the reason the rule is called Brown instead Green or Blue compared to Golden.

  6. Brown Rule Pun - "Bugs that bite, swat or poison their family." This maxim generates similar action at the mammal level. Which is wrong.

Another saying that enters into interpretation is using 'LUV' to determine a special family type love from all other types and using it as the example in Jesus's commandment to 'LUV' one's neighbor. Believe it or not it is in the Webster dictionary but not separately as it should be.

All the above symbols appear in the Peacemaker's flag.

About the Author

Bob - Born August 18, 1915 Buffalo, N.Y. same year Allen Browne founded Kiwanis - 90 years later resides at 209 N. James Av. Lehigh Acres, FL, 33971, moved to Florida in 1978.

Military - Drafted in 1944 USN Seaman #9761875 during boot training received a Commission as Ensign USN #445481 trained at Harvard. Principle service was aboard CVE 31 Aircraft Escort Carrier USS Prince William, Pacific fleet as Disbursement officer. Honorable discharge in 1946 and from the Reserve in 1954.

Education - 3 years Business Administration at the University of Buffalo; was President of the Freshman Class. Transferred to Cornell University where he graduated in 1939 B.S. degree in Hotel Administration. (His specialty cooking; his worst subject accounting) Supply Officer training at Harvard. Member of DEKE Fraternity Delta Chi Chapter, President Bushes are members of a Yale chapter. Became a licensed Associate Realtor, Fort Myers Board of Realtors. Studied and passed a test at University of Florida at Tampa, earned a Florida license #15976 as Community Association Manager.

Family - Father Leigh Alvin Brown graduate of Cornell in 1912, President of the National Fuel holding Company based in NYC. Major subsidiary Iroquois