The Match That Defined An Era

The Course That Defined The Game




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Language : English
Publication Date : 1/4/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 206
ISBN : 9781412051736

About the Book

The Great Triumvirate of golf...who were they? Imagine, the year is 1906, the start of a new century. The place is St. Andrews, Scotland. In a land caressed by time you are there to witness a golf match between three titans of the game. It was the birth of the modern era of golf. Their victories and misfortunes of the past had brought them to this point. Three men: one of them is the "consummate ambassador." Another is the "true professional," and the third one is a "man of character."

The Old Course, the terrain that has defined greatness in the game and in the player, will test their souls. The mystery of this game and of this course is for each generation to experience the challenge for itself. The history of this game is the vital link to the preservation of the sport. Vardon, Taylor and Braid, who would be the master on that day in September 1906, but most importantly, what would be their legacy?

About the Author

Mark C. Ross has a diverse cultural background. He was born in Brazil in the late 1940's. His parents then moved to Cuba and lived there during the pre-Castro years, finally returning to the United States and to his father's hometown in Mississippi. In the late 1960's he joined the Navy. For four years he was stationed in Hawaii, spending much of his time in a submarine in the western Pacific Ocean monitoring Russian Cold War activity. Afterwards, he entered college and completed his formal educational years with a degree in dentistry. Florida has been his home for almost the last 26 years. Mark has had numerous passions. He has been a sculptor for the last 20 years showing in various galleries in the USA and in Holland. He has been a dentist for the last 26 years, mostly in private practice, but also as a teacher, scholar, and lecturer. But golf is his passion for the ages.