Living Dreams, Living Life

A Practical Guide to Understanding Your Dreams and How They Can Change Your Waking Life

by Evelyn Duesbury



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/6/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 204
ISBN : 9781425112493

About the Book

In a fun, conversational style, readers learn easy new ways to discover how their dreams are giving them the guidance they need. Living Dreams, Living Life is particularly appropriate for individuals in the general population because it has its roots in practical and direct experiences.

We believe readers will find Living Dreams, Living Life as refreshing as Stanley Krippner, co-author of Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work with Them, does.

Living Dreams, Living Life is a breath of fresh air to readers interested in working with their dreams. Its author presents a practical method for sifting through the layers of metaphors and symbols to arrive at a dream's surprisingly direct counsel on solving problems, improving relationships, and enhancing creative spiritual growth.

Most people go through life's difficult periods without professional help. Admittedly, there are many self-help dreamwork offerings. Yet, there are few, if any, researched models that facilitate an individual's work with the system of relationships in the person's life. The model presented in Living Dreams, Living Life, the Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams (PMID), is a researched model that includes a systems approach to interpreting dreams.

The systems approach to interpreting dreams, innovative with the PMID model, can be used by the individual dreamer or facilitated by a counselor. Living Dreams, Living Life not only focuses on relationship type dreams, but also shows how to use the PMID model for many types of dreams including dreams about work, recreation, career, education, health, and the spiritual.

Because dreaming is common, dreamwork is one of the most universally accessible self-help techniques available.

About the Author

Evelyn M. Duesbury is a National Certified Counselor, American Counseling Association. Her earlier careers were in accounting, as a CPA and as an associate professor. Evelyn's work with dreams began after she prayed, "Please, 100% spiritual work." Yet, when dreams first came she thought, "No, dreamwork isn't what I meant!" Then her husband's question, "I wonder if Ev's dreams could be helpful to her?" convinced her to pay attention. After earning an MS in counselor education, she and colleagues researched and explored her thesis-based Personalized Method for Interpreting Dreams (PMID) further. She now offers the PMID model in the pages of this practical guide on how to understand when you are living your own life, living your own dreams.

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