Calliope's Castle

by Rosita Blanka Filipek



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/8/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x10.75
Page Count : 90
ISBN : 9781412009553

About the Book

Calliope, one of the seven Muses, befriends a lonely, troubled mountain girl named Sasha. She flies every evening to her window to visit her and share the latest gossip. They have much fun together!

One day Calliope inherits a castle. What a castle it is!

It was built on planet Z and uses an advanced technology, unknown on the planet Earth. It looks like a castle but it flies like a flying saucer! It is manned by thinking computer-robots, who learned how to decode the earthling's DNA, put the information on CDs and form the personal manuals for everybody. They even discovered the age gene. Nobody in the castle gets old.

Calliope decides to invite Sasha and all the young and old poetesses she knows to the castle for a poetry contest. In the castle, Sasha meets Calliope's husband Madison and his son Fred, who are learning stuff from the computer robots. They experiment with cloning and genetic engineering, sometimes with bad results...

The contest starts. Time to put on gowns and jewelry! Each poetess recites her best poems. Self-help classes are being held, while the castle flies them from one exciting place to another, from Asia to India, to Europe.

Outside of the castle, the girls are guarded by Holibij, Calliope's body guard. Holibij is also a computer robot, in a form of a walking stick.

"He can feel all evil intention by his antennae extensions" and beware!...

Sasha has so much fun on this trip! Fred becomes her best friend. She rides with him on an elephant's back in Asia, they drive a Tuk-Tuk together in India, and she watches his experiences. She inevitably falls in love with Fred...

Scientific experiments (some scary), poetry contest and romance goes on, while the castle flies from one exciting place to another.

About the Author

Blanka Filipek is a retired school teacher from the Czech Republic. She believes that while adolescent girls read romances, they should also glean something worthwhile and educational from them.

She has written two other books of poetry:
Singing Farm,
Emotions, Science and Bible
Allergy Alert Cookbook
and a couple of children's books, which she hope to publish next.

Besides writing poetry, she loves to paint, draw, play scrabble and chess, swim, travel and ski. She is a ski instructor in Big Bear Resort, California.