Send The Angels




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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/20/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x10.75
Page Count : 210
ISBN : 9781412061230

About the Book


Who am I? Why am I here? Who will I be?

Questions humanity asks consciously or subconsciously every day of our lives. All of humanity addresses these questions.

Finding answers in a stable global environment provides a substantial challenge, but how do we address these question in an environment of vast change through political tensions, wars, economic abnormalities, disease, climatic disasters and social unrest created by prejudice, poverty and greed?

The solutions to the eminent unrest and calamity in the world may lie in the paradox of who IS important, and who IS NOT important or valueless in society.

The author's thesis in the book Send The Angels is in the descriptive pages of personal stories of a few of the millions of street kids, troubled youth, young offenders and marginal throw away persons of society that survive in a system that has clearly defined who they are, why they are here and who they will be. Their "birth status" identifies them as prisoners of a social-economic systems that uses them as human fodder consumed by society that justifies their gluttonous motives, actions and predatory pursuit of wealth, power and material consumption.

What happens if this civilization has overspent their "self sustainability credit card"? What if Mother Earth addresses her fever (global warming) by eliminating the parasites (careless humanity) that have glibly infected the earth and large systems? This time will define those valuable and valueless through inversion. "The first shall be last, and the last shall be first".

Send The Angels addresses this issue and illuminates the potential solutions of marginal youth, street kids, and disadvantaged adolescence being a most valued resource. Surviving day by day in an unstable existence has created an intuitive and powerful spirit that cannot be broken in those who choose to live. Resistance builds muscle. High winds create deeper roots. Instability builds flexibility.

When mother earth allows the upcoming global cleansing, I want to be surrounded by those seasoned trained youth readied by challenges, instability, pain and adversity. Fear of death, living with no food, not credit card, no cell phone, no SUV, no designer clothes, no emotional security and social status might be the largest ticket to freedom anyone of these incredible youth could imagine, whether planned or unplanned.

These are the new Angels. They will be charged with saving and leading many people who cannot cope with the circumstances who cling to them for their un-conflicted focus on innovative survival solutions.

Who are these young people? Why are they here? They are the Angels of the upcoming adjustments to create a new pristine civilization out of unprecedented chaos and calamity. Let us Send The Angels.

Read this book and touch the reality of unconditional love, unlimited creativity, unprecedented peace and unparalleled prosperity through these precious, beautiful lives that we mistakenly saw as worthless. It will challenge you beyond measure but you will also become an Angel while you read.

Much Love and Light.

My best regards,

Dan P. Davison, Author

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About the Author

Dan Davison is the Chairman and Founder of THE POSITIVE LIFE ACADEMY. He is an author, lecturer, musician, song writer, business consultant and visionary who addresses the issues of the rapidly changing Social and Economic Systems as we move into the next Millennium. This includes a detailed design of Principles and Structures for Organizations, Government, Businesses, Religious Entities, Social Programs, Educational Facilities and other Facets of Society with which we interface today. Seminars are available to assist the individual in the preparation for Life in the Millennium Model. Dan Davison is currently President of Prasino Energy Systems Inc., a corporation formed in Canada to address a platform Corporate Solutions entity in the sustainable energy and community based living future. (Prasino means "green" in Greek).


The Mission:

To lead and facilitate a movement toward making the Nation of Canada a Premier Living Environment based on Social, Economical, Ecological and Ethical wellness to all and everyone who resides or visits the Great Nation of Canada.

The Vision:

To lead and facilitate a movement, cause and vision of the Nation of Canada being a world jewel in all facets of living as humanity and as it relates to the entire Universe and Globe in an atmosphere of Unity, yet Liberty.

The Objective:

To establish the means and vision for all peoples in Canada, and subsequently North America to heal, help and sustain a state of total integrated wellness in all systems as they apply to humanity, bringing absolute Peace and Prosperity.