How to Master Essay Test Items

The Teacher's and Student's Manual For Excellence in Essay-Testing




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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/11/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 34
ISBN : 9781425118792

About the Book

How to Master Essay Test Item: Teacher's and student's Manual for Excellence in Essay Testing is the product of a course that the author taught to students ranging from seventh grade through the college level. For over thirty years, he observed that too many students failed essays test because they lacked the knowledge and skills that are essential to their success with such tests.

The author also observed that the lack of competency in essay test items skills among students carried over into various career and professional fields, even among academic teachers. The author heard many frank admissions from teacher who bemoaned the fact that they could not write and administer essay test items effectively. Many confessed that they never liked such tests; were afraid of them; had no desire to use them; but appreciated the benefits to society that resulted form their proper teaching and application of essay test item in school.

Many educators, however, had very positive comments about the need to teach teachers how to teach students to master essay test items. One teacher summed up his views this way; "Most subjects need to be evaluated by means of essay test item, because too many students simply cheat and flim-flam their way through school using objective tests. Teachers need to be taught how to use essay test items effectively to enhance the teaching-learning process".

This book (and course on which it was based) grew out of the need for teachers to be taught (and students to learn) how to master essay test items. It is an essential companion to other reference book in school as well as the home.

THE CHAPTERS Understanding Short-Answer Essay Test Items
Poor Comprehension Essay Writing Skills And Their Consequence
Understanding How Comprehensive Essay Test Items Are Constructed Correctly
Guidelines for Answering Comprehensive Essay Test Items
Common Procedures For Administering Essay Tests
Standards For Grading Essay Test Items

About the Author

Dr. Fredrick S. Earl, the author, specializes in TEAHCING TEACHERS HOW TO TEACH EFFECTIVELY; and TEACHING STUDENTS HOW TO MASTER TESTS. He has over forty (40) years experience as an educator: B.S. (Ed.) New York University; M.A. (Ed.) Pepperdine University; Doctoral Degree in Education (Ed. D.) University of Southern California; Lt. Colonel USAF (Ret.) former USAF academic instructor and director of curriculum an instruction; commander, USAF military training organization, visiting professor: cross- cultural education; public school teacher: social Studies; university professor: education, speech communication, and political science; author; consultant: education and training; President & CEO, Golden laurel Publications USA, LLC, (e-mail address and its subsidiary Golden Laurel Academic Services. He is the author of these books in the field of academic education:

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