As the Wheels Turn




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/3/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 4.25x6.75
Page Count : 280
ISBN : 9781412063647

About the Book

Diana and her husband, Allen, "had a joint mid-life crisis" and decided to give up their office jobs to become an Over the Road (or Long Haul) truck driving team. The book cronicles their adventures and experiences in this profession. It follows them thru the life disruption of putting everything they owned into storage; the nightmares of Truck Driving School; the deeper nightmares of training to become professional truck drivers and finally once they got back together both the good and bad times they had to tolerate from shippers, receivers and dispatchers. If you think that you "know it all" about this profession from watching TV or going to movies you are wrong. If you have ever wondered how all that stuff in the stores gets there, this book is a MUST READ! If you or someone you know are seriously considering becoming a long haul (over the road) truck driver this book is a MUST READ!

About the Author

Diana has been everything from a sales clerk to a peace officer to a Certified Para Legal to even a campground host. When her husband of 12 years came home one day and told her that he was "burned out" on his job of being a Registered Hydrogeologist (he has a Masters degree in Geology) and was thinking seriously about becoming a long hual truck driver she said, "that's nice dear". When he came home the second time declaring the same thing, she thought, "ah-oh, he is getting serious". When he came come the third time declaring the same thing again, they sat down and had a serious talk about the profession (as they knew it at the time) and just what they would have to do as a couple to make his dream come true. They were not rich and as so many other Americans are doing today, they were almost living paycheck to paycheck, which meant that if her husband was really serious about driving an 18 wheeler for a living she was going to have to pitch in and either join him or get a better paying job. So began the beginning of what Diana laughingly now calls "their mutual mid-life crisis".