Angels Laughing

The Very Best Spiritual and Religious Humor

by Thomas Haka



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/30/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7x10
Page Count : 244
ISBN : 9781412057905

About the Book

Angels Laughing is your one stop guide to the very best spiritual and religious jokes, humor and puns...

"lots of outrageous laughs, guffaws, smiles and merriment...something to break the ice and amuse, for any occasion."

"Feeling down? This one's for you. Guaranteed pick-me-up."

"It speaks to and tickles the child within. A must-have for every priest, rabbi, minister and teacher!"

"Irreverent at times but...very, very funny."

Need more convincing? Just pick up this book and flip a page...the mirthful Angels will take you from there.

WARNING!! this book may be hazardous to the up-tight and overly pious. it is not conducive to hard work or serious study. Serious side effects: YOU MAY FLOAT AWAY!

About the Author

Thomas Haka (he prefers Tom) has been a truth seeker for many years. Like the original "Doubting Thomas," he needs to experience and be shown before believing. This need has led to an exploration of every major faith and way of knowing. His spiritual path has led him to believe that there is an inner voice (Spirit) of Joy in each of us that can be nurtured, trusted and shared.

Tom is a former Air Force officer with a graduate degree in Counseling and Education. He has worked as a counselor, treatment director and administrator for emotionally disturbed children in group and foster care, alcohol and drug treatment programs and at a psychiatric hospital.

More recently he has been a Health Sciences educator for Chapman University and has rehabilitated houses in the community. He enjoys a good laugh and believes all of life's foibles should be shared and enjoyed to their fullest.