Mysteries of Pyramids and Crystals Revealed




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Language : English
Publication Date : 1/29/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8x10
Page Count : 216
ISBN : 9781425122690

About the Book

A young science teacher, David Bennett, inherited a farm with a pyramidal shaped sheep shed. It had been used as a temple by some imported Arabs. It had been vandalized. He finished the reconstruction. As he gazed at his handy work, he mysteriously traded his essence with an Egyptian beggar boy. His wife has the essence of the beggar boy in David's body placed under the care of an experimental group called the PEEPSAT COMMITTEE. He struggled against Achmid, a ninety year old, that knew the mysteries of pyramid power and tries to trade his body for David's. Achmid was successful when he done an experiment with David's brother's essence that had gone through transference ten years earlier with a crazy Egyptian. David made friends with a professor and his wife, a Chinese girl, a Hindu who aided him in escaping from Achmid. He was being pursued by Achmid's agents, a splinter group of Communist, the Cairo police and the CIA. And with the aid of two ladies, one a psychiatrist and the other one a human behaviorist made the transference back into his body. Achmid recaptured him and was holding him until he could make arrangement to have mind transference with David. The Doctor in charge of the PEEPSAT COMMITTEE put the moves on David's wife. David's special gift and knowledge of the powers of crystals…

About the Author

Hill DeMent is a retired teacher. He grew up in Bunceton, MO and graduated from high school in 1946. He spent five and one half years in the Air Force as a heavy equipment mechanic. He earned a BS, MS and an Ed S degree at Pittsburg State University. He taught science and arithmetic in the Jr. Hi. at Fort Scott, KS and Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and the Principles of Technology at the high school in Oxford, KS.