Democracy on Trial




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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/20/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 156
ISBN : 9781412066792

About the Book

Democracy on Trial is just a food for thought for all those Indian people who think that for one way or the other, the country could not be built as per dreams of our leaders of pre-partition era. It is a fact that many of our stalwart leaders made a number of commitments for bringing those dreams into reality but unfortunately many of their dreams remained as dreams even up to this day. One of the dreams was that India would become a real democratic and secular country in the world in which every person would fully enjoy the individual, social, economic, cultural and religious freedom rights. But the long experience of more than half a century speaks other wise. Because many a times our leaders have taken stands which were absolutely undemocratic.

Democracy on Trialis therefore just a food for thought. It is neither exhaustive nor perfect in the real sense to contain all the experiences but I believe that even a small hint on a particular topic would invite many more questions for serious and detailed deliberations with a view to find a satisfactory answer and this is what democracy on trail is meant for.

It is for the readers to evaluate all those problems which our leadership has failed to respond. In a democracy it is the will of the people that should prevail and not the whims and fancies of a few leaders. The problems accumulated so far have become so unwieldy that unless the whole nation is prepared to meet the challenges the desired results can not be achieved.

About the Author

Received Masters degree in History from Punjab University Chandigarh. Retired as a Senior Army Officer (Lt. Colonel) and then worked for a few years as editor for English and Punjabi newspapers and magazines. Written my autobiographical recollection in Punjabi named Baran Ujar Gayian This book reflects the fate of those people who were uprooted from their homes in millions and abandon their property worth billions of Rupees in Pakistan.