Man Survival Kit

Using the World Systems through God's Word




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/19/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 170
ISBN : 9781425132606

About the Book

Man Survival Kit is designed as a self-help guide written to educate high school and college students, as well as low to middle income individuals. This self-help guide outlines important information and tips in the areas of credit, insurance, amateur finance, estate planning and emergency planning. Discussion topics include tips on steps taken to gain prosperity on a continuous basis aligned with scriptures of the bible to provide biblical definition. Subjects are written with clear and elementary language of understanding providing resources to the need of the reader.

Man Survival Kit discusses in-depth insurance and financial necessities for every day people to gain insight and grasp the necessary resources to ensure financial security and stability for family and individuals. Topics of discussion include sample letters for credit correction and improvement, as well as sample wills, bank ledgers, credit and debit cards. Emergency planning chapter provides precise necessities for evacuation planning of all types of emergencies. A special tribute is provided for Louisiana residents. Each chapter is aligned with scripture to provide biblical understanding and insight with 21st century thinking. Though the book is written with Christians in mind, the book is a sure investment to enhance any individual and family; it is a sure deposit to help Christians understand that there are some things in life the Christian must attain in life to promote and provide continuous prosperity according to biblical belief.

About the Author

Dr. Yulonda T. Griffin is native of New Orleans, Louisiana. She has a Doctorate in Human Services. An experienced preacher and teacher, Yulonda does Wealth Building Seminars all over the United States to help the disadvantage. She is an entrepreneur and investor operating her own businesses with her husband providing import and export transportation services. Yulonda is a motivational speaker on wealth building encouraging the less fortunate to believe all things are possible thorough God.

Losing everything she owned in the historical Hurricane Katrina and having to experience evacuation several times, she has gain expert knowledge in emergency and estate planning through self-experience. A true believer that all things are possible, Yulonda has rebuilt and restored everything lost in Hurricane Katrina.

Yulonda is the mother of two children Damara and Marti; grandmother to one grand-child, and the wife of Marty J. Griffin. She is an author of three books, preacher and teacher;