Star Of The Dawn




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/14/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 230
ISBN : 9781425138332

About the Book

Determined to carry out her father's final wish, Dawn Pennington finds herself on the Pilgrims Way in Search of one rather special star. She is accompanied on this quest by a more sceptical Tod Dehavilland, who himself has memories he wishes to bury, Such events from the past however stubbornly refuse to go away especially with the arrival of Vicente Zapatero, sworn to eliminate the only eye-witness to one fatal accident!

But the Star from the East beckons then on to yet another Santiago and by this time Tod's initial fascination with his companion has developed into stronger emotions, especially after she takes the bullet that is meant for him.

Yet can such a journey of discovery remain one of peace? The answer to this must be a resounding no, at least not if Zapatero gets in his way, and moreover the fates decree that once again their paths will cross!

About the Author

Although I accept that there must be some logical and scientific explanation to this phenomena, I first noticed the star when on holiday in Tenerife a couple of years back. It was there every morning slightly before sunrise, and shining brighter than all the rest in the eastern sky. As the sun rose, seemingly from out of the sa, the star in its turn rose obediently higher into the heavens, and then once the sun became visible upon the horizon the star disappeared altogether. The time of year was just prior to Christmas. Later I had the opportunity to revisit the same place in the summer months, but then although one could view many other stars, my own particular star seemed to have disappeared!

Strangely enough it was the sighting of this star that first planted the seeds for this story, which I hope you will enjoy.

My thanks once again to my husband Jim for his patience in proof reading, and also in the composition of the music to go with the book and also to my grandson Laurence who is far more technologically equipped that I can ever hope to be! And thanks also to your good selves for reading the novel. Once again I hope you enjoy it!

Kath Steele