The Accidental Detective




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Language : English
Publication Date : 3/3/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 88
ISBN : 9781425155483

About the Book

Whorton Kennewick Splitsboard, III, had a wealthy grandfather. His grandfather, Whorton Kennewick Splitsboard, Sr., died testate, having made and left a legally valid will. The legacy offered Whorton Kennewick Splitsboard, III, is substantial, but conditional. In order to claim his inheritance Whorton Kennewick Splitsboard, III, has to be established in a recognized profession before reaching the age of thirty. Whorton Kennewick Splitsboard, III - Kate Smith says, "Let's shorten this, I'll just call him Wort. Only the extremely rich can get away with a name that long." Wort had reached age twenty-nine with no profession in sight. Most professions, law, medicine, dentistry, require years of study. He had attended three years at the University of Oregon, and earned only three semester hours of credits, all in golf.

He is driving north on Interstate 5, in his red BMW convertible with the top down, when suddenly there drops onto the front seat beside him a miniature apricot poodle. The dog apparently fell from the bridge on Terwilliger Boulevard. The dog looked hurt, possibly badly injured. Not knowing what else to do, how else to get rid of the dog, Wort drives him to the Dove Lewis Animal Hospital. After only a few minutes, the veterinary returns the dog to Wort. "There's nothing wrong with your dog. He was just stunned. He's going to be fine." Wort thinks, "He's not my dog. I don't want a dog. I'll have to find his owner." Then it hits him! That's what private detectives do; they find stuff. He could be a private detective. That's a profession. What's required to be a private detective? In Oregon there is no licensing requirement to become a private detective. All you need is an office with a sign on the door, and maybe a trench coat. It rains a lot in Oregon. He had found his profession! He would be a detective. He had his first case, a missing dog case. He would find the owner of the dog.

Finding the owner of the little poodle should be easy. The dog has a tag. Engraved on the tag is the dog's name and address. The dog's name is Fluffy, appropriate since it is a little fluff. All Wort thinks he has to do is find the address, somewhere in Dunthorpe. First case solved. Proof of profession established.

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