Allographs™ I Worksheets/Stories

Linguistic Spelling Program

by Diane McGuinness



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/22/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 148
ISBN : 9781425157845

About the Book

Allographs I Worksheets/Storybook is a central component of the lessons. Worksheet exercises are designed for every lesson and rely heavily on the Allographs Dictionary. They involve categorizing and sorting words with the target sound into their various spelling alternatives, and a variety of other analytic tasks. Writing is a primary emphasis and has been found to dramatically enhance learning and memory.

The Storybook contains 39 'sound-targeting stories.' The stories feature words containing a target sound using common spelling alternatives. Stories are humorous, written in rhyme, and have great appeal to children and adults alike. Lessons provide a choice of stories at various difficulty levels.

Sample text from "Lance the Prince and Sometimes King of France:"

(Lance the Prince temporarily became the King of France when his father King Percy abdicated to spend time riding his horse. We pick up the story when 6-year old Lance gave his first speech to the stunned citizens of France:)

Now that Lance was King,
He gave a speech on the castle balcony.
"I decree," said he, "The second century A.D.
Is KIDS' century."

"In every castle, in every house,
No kids from henceforth
Will go to class
Clean up their mess,
Eat rice pudding, hot cereal, or spinach,
Wash their face with soap, or floss."

The target sound is /s/. Can you find all the words that contain the sound /s/ and the various spellings for this sound? Watch out, the letter s can also stand for the sound /z/.

About the Author

Diane McGuinness is a leading expert on the nature and structure of writing systems and how this applies to teaching reading and spelling. She is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of South Florida. She currently lives in England and is Chairman of the Trust: Our Right to Read. Professor McGuinness is the author of over 100 research and scholarly papers, and has published 6 books on learning and reading instruction. These include: Why Our Children Can't Read (Simon and Schuster; 1997; Penguin Books, 1998), and Early Reading Instruction (MIT Press, 2004).