The Squatland Chronicles

Book 3 - The Mystery of Wind City




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/28/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 60
ISBN : 9781412018692

About the Book

Prince Elwin is summoned to Wind City by his friend Lady Skylene. The request comes in the form of Duuk Vanger of the trail riders association, riding on a strange beast called an Ack-dar. Duuk has brought three extra animals to carry Elwin and Filo the Fixer and Buddie the Wortdog. At the first campsite known as Robber's Roost, they are confronted by the aged but famous robber Baron Hardscrabble and his companion Bodkin. In a short skirmish, the Baron is defeated when one of the Ack-dars lifts him off the ground and turns him upside down. The Baron promises to reform and the party travels on. They arrive at Wind City, where Skylene tells Elwin that at certain cycles of the moon, on very dark nights, the water supply for the city disappears. This is very dangerous, as the water is needed in the production of pottery that the citizen's of Wind City trade for other goods. Buddie the Wortdog, while prowling one dark night discovers that the water is being consumed by a giant bat-like creature called a "Raptor Bat". Filo the fixer designs and the citizen's of Wind City construct a large tower with a light source. The Raptor Bat returns during a celebration, and Elwin, Duuk and Skylene protect the citizens during the first attack. As the flying creature returns to attack, Buddie the wortdog turns on the light and scares the large bat away. The entire population is happy and safe. Filo and Buddie return to Squatland with the help of Baron Hardscabble, and Elwin with his two new friends travel to the Castle of Gallamaufry, where Elwin thinks a maiden is being held in the tower.

About the Author

Bob is a product of the public schools of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and considers himself a late bloomer. He served in the United States Army, and was discharged with the rank of Staff Sergeant. After several forgettable jobs, he earned a BS degree in Art Education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Bob holds a Master of Arts degree in Educational Technology from San Diego State. Bob began his teaching career in central California, and moved to Escondido in 1967, where he taught Arts and Crafts at Escondido High School. While at EHS, Bob spent several years as a drama teacher and coach, where he wrote several scripts for his students. His stage adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol won national recognition from the Bravo Television Channel. He was selected San Diego Teacher of the Year in 1992. Bob is a painter and artist with many awards for his work. He retired from teaching in 1994, and is currently writing and illustrating a series of children's books, entitled "The Squatland Chronicles". The first three books have been published by Trafford Publishing, and he is currently working on the fourth part of the series. Bob also enjoys acting, and has performed several roles in church dramas. Bob sings with a barbershop quartet. He enjoys traveling and camping and reading and resides with his wife Marge and dog Tahoe in the beautiful Rainbow Valley in California.

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