Amazing UFO Sightings In The Hudson Valley, Hidden Technology & The Coming Great Deception




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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/5/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 130
ISBN : 9781425164065

About the Book

Are UFO’s of man or are they from alien worlds? This book presents strong arguments that will steer you towards the truths. It contains detailed testimony of numerous UFO eyewitnesses including two frightening close encounters with many sightings occurring near military installations. It covers the massive UFO flap occurring in 1988 in New York’s Hudson Valley that extended into the early 1990’s. Intimate details are given on personal experiences recent as 2004. From hardcore facts to far-fetched concepts, the author has consumed and digested a phenomenal amount of information related to UFO’s as well as the known and speculated science behind them. The far-flung, multi-faceted research conducted by the author over many years is summarized and expressed for all those with a thirst to know. This book contains new revelations about the UFO landing in North Hudson Park, New Jersey in 1975. Fiery opinions are expressed based on thought provoking historical knowledge, both published and shared amongst those who are fascinated by this subject.

About the Author

The author was born and raised in America living in the Hudson River area his entire life, in New Jersey, then in upstate New York. A man with many interests, hobbies, and skills, he is a skilled researcher and an avid reader who has read hundreds of books. He has studied many amazing scientists and inventors of the past. He was drawn into UFO research after seeing them close up. Whatever you show him, he understands the science of it because of his innate and acquired skills and knowledge. One of the many millions of UFO eyewitnesses across the world, his story could be anyone's including yours, and thanks to his scientific knowledge he offers us a unique perspective on this phenomenon. Because of his deep knowledge of the Bible, he gives a good insight in a biblical perspective on the implications of this subject. His perspective is a new one. He has an in depth knowledge of suppressed technology and high-tech inventions of the past, and can explain the mechanics of just about all UFO experiences in relation to Earth technology. One of his friends is a former government physicist who worked on top-secret projects. Creative intelligence and insight are the ultimate qualifications to this author, combined with humbleness towards the creator. He has tied together this research with much insight, and the help of a fantastic memory regarding previous cases and research information.