Powerful Circles




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Language : English
Publication Date : 11/26/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 226
ISBN : 9781425150716

About the Book

When Elle Frodsham arrived to work at the mining museum in Whitehaven, Craig Beaton finally believed that he had found the girl of his dreams. Yet their discovery of one hidden object is to lead them into tangling with the academics, which in turn fuels one bitter argument between them, during which time Elle appears to be spirited away by a certain erstwhile boyfriend!

Even so the advent of a fact finding party of Russians to this area puts an entirely different complex onto this scenario, for Craig is to find Julian, the boy friend, not only crewing for him on his boat, but also the knowledge that Elle has not been kidnapped for the information she is still holding on those Cumbrian Stone Circles. Finally joining forces with Julian in an attempt to trace Elle Craig however is about to discover that there is far more to these stone circles than one might have at first envisaged.

What is more the Russians also appear to be seeking this new power source for themselves. Even so that still does not explain Julian’s own role in all of this. Not that is until the drama reaches a shocking conclusion!

STRAP LINE -----Nature’s power fuels mind of man!

About the Author

Hi there again!

I wonder what it is that makes a certain name fire one's imagination? I suppose that certain places do appear to hold an aura of mystery around them. At least that is the way I felt when we may our own voyage of discovery to the stone circles of Cumbria. This, coupled with several current news items in itself was what provided the fertile ground in which to sow the seeds for the story

Hope you enjoy this latest figment of my imagination!

My thanks again to Laurence my grandson, who now not only has the computer to tap into precision but the digital camera as well, and also to Jim my husband who once again was inspired, after tedious hours of proof reading, to set his own thoughts on the story line to music!

My thanks also to all those who read this book.

Cheers, Kath Steele.