The Dark Challenge

by Nick Scott-Ram



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/28/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 452
ISBN : 9781425162887

About the Book

The Dark Challenge is a story about reincarnation and how two souls are pitted against each other through a succession of lives that take place at important junctures in Earth's history. The main protagonist, the Black Knight, seeks to bring darkness and despair to humanity in perpetuity. His protagonist, Flame, is tasked with the almost impossible job of hunting him down through successive epochs in history, hoping to thwart his attempts through the principles of light and freedom of choice.

The hunt starts in early Mesopotamia with the Tower of Babel, and takes in pivotal moments of dark in human history: the perfidious annihilation of Carthage in Roman times; the devastation of the Great Plague of mediaeval Europe; the reign of Terror in the French Revolution and the waterlogged trenches of the Somme in the first world war.

As the seeds of destruction are sown in different historical timelines, relentlessly pushing the planet towards a precipice of chaos, Flame's ability to part the twists of time and hunt the dark is called into question by all around him.

About the Author

Nick Scott-Ram has spent nearly twenty years in the biosciences industry working in senior management positions in development stage and start-up companies. Most recently, he was Vice President, Corporate Affairs at a profitable FT250 company reporting directly to the Chief Executive with responsibility for strategy development and Government Affairs. He has also been heavily involved in intellectual property for the biosciences industry, chairing a number of UK and European industry committees focusing on new legislation at EU level. His professional work has involved extensive writing. Dr Scott-Ram has presented regularly at international conferences and seminars and represented industry views on television and radio. He currently divides his time between writing and lecturing and holding workshops on spiritual development. With more than twenty-five years interest in meditation work and building up an inner awareness of different planes of consciousness, he developed a keen understanding that he used extensively in his new book THE DARK CHALLENGE. Currently Nick Scott-Ram divides his time between writing and running workshops in the UK and USA. Other books by Scott-Ram include: The Light of Understanding (Trafford Publishing, 2006), Keys to Our Heart (LightWork Media 2002), Keys to the Crystal Skulls (LightWork Media 2004).