The Permutanomicon

The Design and Implementation of an Expert Algorithm to Rapidly Compute Simple Physical Relations

by Jimmy Allen Davis



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/13/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x10.75
Page Count : 328
ISBN : 9781412093088

About the Book

A compilation of unitarily correct formulae derived with a simple yet elegant program in the beginning of 2005. 6000+ formulae are listed in this book which should interest any undergraduate and graduate physics student. Without needing to work out key equations, physicists may peruse the table of equations and attempt to work on an experiment to prove it works.

This reference contains an introduction which goes into the development of the program and the specific hardware used to accomplish this end result. It discusses a new vector construct and its properties. Contained in the back are multiple appendices including an experimental example, a theoretical example in the form of an email and a discussion on the counting methods used in the program.

Working on finding a new formulae could take years, even decades. Now, all the formulae you need are listed in this book and so is the method by which they were found. Start on your thesis project now instead of later. Build on your theoretical work with the formulae listed within these pages and understand what you will have to prove before finding these problems on your own. Almost all the formulae are unfamiliar, start looking and see if you will be the next great physicist.

About the Author

Jimmy Allen Davis was born in Augsburg, Germany in 1977. He spent many years abroad with his U.S. military family, living in and visiting France, Italy, Spain and many other countries. He was introduced to a computer at five and was soon writing his first programs at six. He has done work for companies like Gateway Computers, NASA, and Ameritech and has won numerous awards and honors.

His first book, Useful Programs for the TI-89 was written as an undergraduate Engineering Physics student. Upon graduation, he now seeks a Masters in Physics. This current reference will be his second publication.