Angels With Whirly Wings "Dust Off"

Vietnam '67

by Thomas R. Randall



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/15/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7x10
Page Count : 166
ISBN : 9781412089463

About the Book

Angels with Whirly Wings: Dust Off Vietnam 67 written by Thomas R. Randall, is a true life story of the violent combat in Vietnam in 1967. With true life experiences of the author and the men he served with. The pain and suffering of the wounded troops and their removal from combat via helicopters called "Dust Offs", and their crew who risked their lives on every mission so that other men could live and survive mortal wounds and injuries. Moreover, it tells of the after effects of violent combat; the years after being in Vietnam including "Agent Orange" and "P.T.S.D." and other major difficulties and obstacles they had to overcome.

About the Author

Thomas R. Randall the author of Angels with Whirly Wings and Dust Off Vietnam 67 served in Vietnam in 1966 to 1967 as a helicopter door gunner on a ÒDust OffÓ helicopter with 3/498th AVN.

The author has an A. AS degree in Police Science, A BS in Criminal Justice and Law, a MSE degree in Education all from Elmira College, Elmira, NY.

Moreover he graduated from the New York State Police Officers Training Academy in 1971, Federal Police Academy, N. Little Rock, AR in 1988 and the Federal Law enforcement Training Academy, Glynco, GA, Feral Agents Academy 1991.