Shadow on Dragons Moon

by Richard Lydick



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/15/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 490
ISBN : 9781412098380

About the Book

Shadow on Dragons Moon is about a time when knights and mages, elves and Dwarves, Honor and Magic all existed. It was a time after the Dark Wars and evil had been banished from the land. Jerrack had been destroyed and all his evil forces had run and hid deep in the bowls of Nennetta, hoping for their time to come again. Jerrack's Black tower still stood in the once lush valley Mori in the ruins of his city Morbori. It had taken the combined forces of the White Mages and all the races to defeat this horrid force and push the back to Morbori where Jerrack called all his Dark Mages to the top of his tower to fight.

Now that the evil was gone life became prosperous and all were happy and well. Over the years the fingers of evil slowly snaked their way back into the light. Now it waited for the right time and the right person to open the door for it to reenter Nennetta and a small band of friends and adventures play right into its fingers by helping three young misguided mages in their pursuit of ill gotten power. This slightly mix matched band of friends now need to help correct their mistake as the evil spreads through the land.

Jerrack and the Masonic Knights once did battle and the rest of Nennetta joined in to push back this evil tyrant. Now with the knight divided and the races worried about their own kind what is the evil that raises its head again against all Nennetta and who will stand before it? Only the gods know, or do they?

About the Author

Richard F. Lydick, born in Abilene Texas on Dryas Air Force Base in December of 1959 to Gordon and Marlene, proud parents of four. Named after his Grandfathers, Richard lives in the proud state of Maryland and is the proud father of two.

Writes as a hobby for his children and enjoys spending his spare time with them. Other than that, he works and helps out his family, believes that family comes first for they will always be family.