Mastering Homeopathy

The Art of Permanent Cure




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Language : English
Publication Date : 11/6/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7x10
Page Count : 246
ISBN : 9781425113155

About the Book

In Mastering Homeopathy, Fravarti covers a very select area of prescribing and covers it like no other book available. A peek into the world of homeopathic medicine that highlights the relationship between low potency and high potency prescribing and reveals the indications for each approach and how to use them together complementary modalities. This book highlights one small area of homeopathic medicine and gives details insight on the use of polycrest remedies in high-potency and constitutional homeopathy. Not all remedies are used in all potencies and this work makes clear which remedies are most often useful in constitutional healing at the highest potencies and which remedies are the most complementary as additional support, including low potencies and combinations of remedies that may work together to provide the greatest potential for each patient to heal. High and low potency prescribing in the same patient that is integrated and complementary in a way that respects the domain of each and puts it to its best use accordingly.

About the Author

Fravarti Breindenbach has studied homeopathy for 30 years. She has international practice, servicing thousands of clients. In many cases she consults only with the doctor and not with the patient. Fravarti turned to homeopathy to overcome her own frail constitution and that of her children. She works largely with families spanning several generations. Fravarti is also a medical intuitive experienced in training doctors (MD and DO), for the Arizona state Board Exam in homeopathy (MDH). She wrote the first homeopathic Curriculum to receive CME (Continuing Medical Education) credits in over 100 years in the state of Arizona and possibly the US, presented by Mary Wolken, M. Ed. And the Complementary Medicine Association together with the Maricopa medicine Center. This was presented in Phoenix, AZ in 1995 with Fravarti and her students as faculty.

In 1974 Fravarti, (then known as Kim DesJardins), met Patch Adams, MD and the community that began the development of the Gesundheit Institute. For the next four years she participated in the community's activities and met many types of healers including her homeopath, Govinda Singh, and her first medical intuitive, Christopher Easter. Then in 1978 she returned to Tucson to attend the Arizona School of Midwifery. That years she met her Sufi teacher and made a commitment to undertake training in the Sufi tradition of spiritual practice as well.

Fravarti is a spiritual guide and counselor supervising the training of students both in spiritual practice and in homeopathy. She has 26 years of meditation training with the world renowned leader of the Sufi Order International, Pir Vilavat Inayat Khan, before has passing in 2004. She is a Reverend Minister of the Universal Worship, an interfaith service highlighting the unity of religious ideals. She is also ordained as a Healing Conductor and trained in absent healing and prayer healing, in the Sufi Order.

Fravarti is a trained midwife, helping families to have their babies at home in a sacred way. She is also a highly trained intuitive with multiple high sense perception. Her unusual degree of clarity and accuracy has been tested thousands of times as a medical intuitive and make her an unusual resource for the most difficult and challenging cases. She helps those who are ready to heal the self- image, strengthen their faith, and advance the moral character to accomplish healing as a spiritual path.