A Call 2' Leadership

Finding and Unlocking the Leader in You

by R. Mitchell;C. Riley; M. Hall



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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/9/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 90
ISBN : 9781412063432

About the Book

A personal question is presented to everyone who reads this publication; "Yesterday we thought differently than we do today. What will we think tomorrow?"

Finding and unlocking your potential leadership of self requires you to look inside and pull from the depths of greatness. A Call 2'Leadership provides thought provoking tools to do just that. Many groups fall prey to pitfalls ranging from human character flaws to outdated team building methodology. If the truths found in this publication can keep one leader in pursuit of leadership excellence, then it will have performed its duty as a reference tool for fulfilling the leadership role.

A Call 2'Leadership can be characterized as an internal urging toward a certain profession or action. All people maintain some sense of desire from within that stimulates and motivates them. The problem is that a majority of individuals lack the appropriate focus and fail to accept their responsibility to actualize and actively pursue these desires.

Leadership is all about people. Leadership is about influence —influencing people. Leaders are always improving their skills, attitudes, and knowledge to enhance their capacity to lead. Leaders can lead from the front, the middle or the back. Most of the time leaders are noticed and acknowledged, but sometimes they are not. The effects of someone taking charge can, of course, result in good or bad leadership, no leadership or even effective leadership applied by misguided people.

The world often appears dark to the majority of people because ineffective leaders are projecting their own individual views and not the views of their constituents. This darkness may be the result of political action, which may manifest itself in famine, poverty or conflict. No matter what the cause of darkness is, ineffective leadership provides a darkness that shadows thousands in their institutions of work, education, and religion. While the world may seem to be a dark place sometimes, in reality it is not as the majority of people's lives are spent in striving to better this planet and its inhabitants. The right leader, in essence, is like a light bearer in the darkness caused by inaction and misdirection.

Will you accept the call? With all of the complaining and griping, think about this: can you locate a better place with the size and diversity presented within the United States of America? This land presents vast opportunities given the appropriate skill to influence effective leadership. Will you help? Can you recruit others? We are still looking for the things that the original founders were looking for. The country has huge problems to deal with and they can only be addressed by the emergence of new leaders. If your thoughts "tomorrow" are different than are "today," while producing positive results, you will have accepted your personal call to leadership. This publication presents a provocative challenge to each one of us. Are you willing to accept the challenge? A Call 2'Leadership provides the needed resources to get into the game.

About the Author

Ralph Mitchell:
A speaker, consultant, and coach, retired from one of the world's premiere leadership institutes who creates a unique experiential learning atmosphere that inspires and challenges his audiences.