Q++ and a Non-Standard Model

The Digital World Theory v.2 - Quantum Programming Language and Implementation Considerations

by Lucian Miti Ionescu



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/10/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 134
ISBN : 9781425134921

About the Book

The book is a rich supply of mathematical-physics and computer science inciting ideas.

  • Space and time are discrete coordinates attached to a quantum computation flowing through a causal structure. They are finally unified by a generalized Wick rotation.
  • "Everything", including "free motion" is random teleportation at the speed of light in the Quantum Dot Resolution formalism. In this way special relativity and quantum mechanics become simple consequences.
  • There is only one elementary particle: the qubit, with its dual manifestations as leptons and quarks.
  • Quarks correspond to prime numbers in the "ultimate particle physics theory" where Galois Theory meets Klein's Geometrization Program: Number Theory!
  • The Homological Feynman Path Integral the framework for Quantum Gravity.
  • Entropy is a generator of mass and the logarithm of quark mass indexes are close to 2,3 5,7, 11,13! Are there more then three generations?

... and much more.

The reader will have to choose from this "all-quantized-buffet", based on taste and background. Quantum Field Theory is brought to the masses, as a theory of Quantum Information Flow on Quantum Circuits. The high level quantum programming language is Q++ and the mathematics-physics language is the Homological Feynman Path Integral.

Implementation considerations are proposed in the framework of the DWT, where quantum interactions are viewed as quantum communications, motion is modeled as teleportation, quantum gravity is an entropy effect and energy-matter-space-time and quantum information are unified.

About the Author

Lucian Miti Ionescu is a mathematics professor at Illinois State University, with an established record of mathematical publications at international level. Recommendations from Saunders Mac Lane, encouragements from Yu. I. Manin, and repeated invitations to visit the prestigious Institute des Hautes Etudes Scientifique, are only a few confirmations of a solid scientific career, yet in the pursuit of a teenager's dream: understanding gravity together with the other fundamental forces.

With a mathematical-physics and computer science background, the author proposes a daring inter-disciplinary research program, the Digital World Theory project. Staring from a new fundamental equivalence principle between energy-matter and (quantum) entropy / information ¨C symmetry, the author introduces new mathematical structures to model space-time-matter-entropy on a common foundation as quantum information, in order to derive a framework for all fundamental interactions, and including Quantum Gravity.

The author is also founder of VIREQUEST, a virtual institute dedicated to research in Quantum Informatics.