Games My Mother Taught Me

and some she didn't




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/17/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 128
ISBN : 9781425142803

About the Book

Collected in this slim volume are more than 50 party games that have been popular over the past several decades. Written for adults to be played by children of all ages, included are several fun games for tots (like I spy, Giggle Belly and Hide the Bunny), for teenagers (Double Dutch, Charades and Twenty Questions) and some for the more playfully inclined adults (Botticelli, Fictionary), plus several invented just for this edition.

Its handy size and modest price make this an ideal gift for parents who might want to introduce their children to some of the fun activities that used to entertain us all.

About the Author

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota and raised through High School in San Francisco, Roger HadlichÕs adult years have been characterized principally by their amazing variation. Educated at Yale, Madrid, Middlebury and Michigan, with BA, MA and PhD degrees in hand, he embarked on an academic career. His professorial positions included Cornell, Rome (Italy), Alaska and Sacramento, finally settling him for 25 years at the University of Hawaii. He has lived in Spain, Italy, Mexico, Poland and Japan His travels include 20,000 Miles around the Pacific in a small sailboat, similar treks in motorboats in Europe and America, and a 55,000 mile RV trip throughout the U.S. and Canada. Along the way, he published more than 40 reviews, articles and books in the academic fields of Spanish and Romance linguistics and pedagogy. His leisure interests include all kinds of sports (he was a 3-time All American diver in college), dancing of all sorts (ballroom, folk, hula, flamenco, etc.), choral music (he recently founded the Ashmolean Singers), and ÔGoofÕ (which is what he calls his golf game.) The publication of Games my Mother taught me culminates a life-long interest in language and word games. He lives joyfully in Walnut Creek, CA with his wonderful wife, Leatrice Mirikitani