The Money Management Primer

Your Guide To Successful Budgeting




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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/24/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 84
ISBN : 9781425145095

About the Book

This book is the product of a course that the author developed to teach money-management to military personnel in his squadron, when he was a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force. He identified a problem in his organization. Many enlisted personnel constantly got into financal difficulties that resulted in their being punished. Punishment ranged from letters of reprimand to discharge fromt he Air force for financial irresponsibility.

The young lieutenant realize that there was no formal program to teach military personnel how to manage their financial affairs effectively. So, as a trained educator, he developed a course in money-management to help solve the problem in his squadron. Eventually, he was being asked to teach the course to others beyong the military. He taught it to civilians in such settings as churches and college campuses.

Over the years, the demand for him to educate people in the subject of money-management grew to such a point that de decided to publish the information in a book. This book, which evolved from the author's experience in teaching others the basics of money-management, reflects the practical side of effective personal money-management that has brought success to many people.


  1. Religion And Money
  2. Why You Need Budgeting Education
  3. Problems and Myths about Budgeting
  4. Rules For Budgeting
  5. The Rewards of Budgeting
  6. Basic Budgeting Techniques
  7. Upward and Onward Through Sound Money Management
  8. Budgeting, Vision, And Financial Growth
  9. Spare Time Business Considerations
  10. Investment Guidelines

About the Author

Dr. Frederick S. Earle has over forty years experience as an educator: B.S. (Education) New York City; M.A. (Education) Pepperdine University; Doctoral Degree om Education (Ed.D) University of Southern California; Lt. Colonel, USAF (Ret.); former USAF academic instructor, and director of curriculum and instruction; commander, USAF military training organization; visiting professor; cross-cultural education; public school teacher; social studies; university professor; education, speech communication, and political science; author; lecturer on personal financial management; consultant: education and training; and President & CEO, Golden Laurel Publications USA, LLC. He is the author of these books that are currently in print:

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