Solid Footholds For The Leader

A View From Those Below




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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/13/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 186
ISBN : 9781425138745

About the Book

A leader's effectiveness is dictated by those who choose to follow.

Leaders rarely view their roles from below. Seldom do they actually stop and take in the vista from a different vantage point. They often assume that the view from the top is the only view worth looking at, and those at or near the bottom are unable to see the "big picture."

The people following a leader who is climbing up the corporate mountain, with its jagged cliffs and steep walls, surprisingly have the best view and the greatest impact on whether that leader rises to the peak or falls to the canyon below.

These same individuals can guide his steps to solid footholds that won't crumble away. Solid footholds are strong, secure outcrops where a leader can feel the strength and support beneath him. Leaders in the corporate world need these solid footholds to feel confident in their ability to survive the perilous climb.

If you're ready to effectively lead - listen to the voices below you! These same voices will ensure your successful ascent to the top!

About the Author

Ron Schlitt has spent over 20 years in private and public business consulting to present and future leaders about successful corporate life. Managing and facilitating employment and re-employment programs of almost every demographic profile of the working population have provided much of the substance of "Solid Footholds for the Leader."

He himself has successfully owned a number of small businesses and presently leads his own consulting company. His second book on leadership is in the works.

Ron has been invited as a keynote speaker to a number of public and private educational institutions. In addition to his speaking, he previously was a regular newspaper columnist writing about successful leadership in the workplace.

Ron lives with his wife and two children, in Kelowna, British Columbia.